Why You Should Think Twice About Waist Training

October 27, 2014  |  
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Hourglass figures are all the rage, but are waist trainers the way to go? Fashion may say yes, but many doctors are saying “no.”


They’ve Been Around For Long Time

Corsets have been in use since around the 1800s. Can anything that’s been around for that long really be wrong?


They Went Out Of Style For An Important Reason

Ever wonder why women were always swooning back in the day? Those fainting couches were specifically designed for women wearing corsets. The restriction makes it hard for you to get enough oxygen to even stay conscious. And even if you manage not to pass out, the oxygen deprivation leads to lung infections, slows your metabolism and starves your organs. Wear them for too long and the damage can become permanent.


Bikini Season Is Around The Corner

Waist trainers are a great way to snatch your stomach just in time for summer…right?


Your Bikini Plans Could Backfire

Wearing waist-trainers, corsets and shapers for long periods of time can lead to skin chafing and rashes. And if your skin is prone to unsightly scarring after skin damage, you could put a permanent end to bikini season before it even starts.


It’s Only A Little Uncomfortable

And every woman knows that beauty and pain are closely related.


That Pain Could Be The Sign Of A Serious Problem

Fractured ribs are a common side effect of waist-training, especially if you train your waist around the clock. Even a dull pain in your ribs could be a sign that they’re bruised or even broken.


It Gives Me An Hourglass Figure

Everybody wants an hourglass figure, and waist trainers will get you there…

It’s Moving Your Organs Around

A snatched waist comes at a price. Corsets give you an hourglass figure by moving your internal organs around. Squishing them out of place with shape wear can damage and deform your organs. Wear waist trainers for too long and your liver, spleen and kidneys can suffer permanent damage.

They Suck You In Overnight

Waist trainers don’t just nip you in at the sides, they make you feel like you’ve lost pounds of fat virtually overnight.

The Fat’s Not Gone, It Just Moved

Director of Bariatric Surgery at the University of Florida Health Jacksonville, Sunil Sharma, MD explains that waist trainers don’t actually change your figure, they just re-shape it:

“All you’re doing is compressing your stomach and pushing the fat around instead of getting rid of it. It’s a very temporary thing. Would you be able to obtain fat loss after taking it off? I doubt it.”

You Eat Less

One of the benefits of a waist trainer is that it makes you want to eat less, which can lead to a lot of weight loss in the beginning.

You… Move Less

Turns out, waist trainers make you feel like eating less because they’re restricting your stomach and intestines from moving. That means that food that goes in has trouble getting out. This backlog can lead to acid reflux and constipation — both of which can cause long-term problems if they go on for too long.

You Want A Look That Will Last A Lifetime

Just pop them on for a few hours a day and waist trainers offer you a low-maintenance way to keep your waist trim forever… right?

It’s All Temporary

Waist trainer’s sound like an easy way to a permanent hourglass figure. But doctors say that the results are only permanent. Waist trainers only work as long as you wear them. And the longer you do, the more likely you are to cause permanent damage to your organs, lungs and skin…

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