Family Feud: Your Favorite Celebrity Siblings Don’t Always Get Along

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It seems as though those darn Braxton sisters are always at each other’s throats about their careers, relationships and marriages. Nevertheless, they do love each other. However, they are not alone in the celebrity siblings who feud department. MadameNoire compiled a list of celebrity siblings who are known for either friendly or epic rivalries.

The Braxton Sisters

Tamar, Traci, Trina, Towanda and Toni, are always shading and reading each other. Sometimes, their various rivalries stem from jealously, tough love or criticism of each other’s lifestyles. Tamar Braxton seems to always be in the middle of the family drama. However,  despite their family drama, they are examples of how hard it is to be competing with siblings in the entertainment industry.

Jermaine Vs Michael Jackson

Michael and Jermaine Jackson were once very close. However, during his “Bad” era, there was some tension between them. Jermaine was fed up with MJ’s success, and his throne complex. He directed controversial lyrics at his brother and made him the subject of the lead single, “Word to the Badd” off of his “You Said” album. Jermaine definitely felt some type of way back in the day. However, he claimed to write the song because he wanted MJ to get a grip on reality.

Serena vs. Venus Williams

Wait.. there has to be a lot of family pressure when these two compete against each other. Hmm… The sisters are close off the court or at least it seems. But on the court, they are competitive to the core. However, neither one of them enjoy matches against each other. They were quoted saying, “If I win I’m not super excited, and if I lose I’m really not excited,” Serena said. Venus added, “I think we just both want to win … I think we just both have so much respect for each other’s game that makes it probably a little tougher because you know you’re not going to get an easy win.”

Jim vs. John Harbaugh

This is definitely a friendly rivalry as they are both coaches of NFL teams — coming from a football family. Jim leads the 49ers and his brother John leads the Ravens. The brothers made it to the super bowl together — sort of — that is. Their teams competed against each other in 2013 — the Ravens winning 34 to 31. Jim congratulated his brother, but John said the situation was awkward after the game.

Eric vs. Julia Roberts

Their feud started when Julia sided with Eric’s longtime girlfriend, Kelly Cunningham, after their breakup. At the time, he was abusing drugs and alcohol. Julia even helped her would be sister-in-law get custody of their daughter, actress Emma Roberts. They were estranged for many years, but they reconciled in the mid-2000s.


Christopher Ciccone vs. Madonna

Ciccone and Madonna were close until he decided to release a book, “Life With My Sister Madonna” in 2008 — revealing intimate details about the pop icon, her lifestyle, her kids and her career. She wasn’t happy about it. She felt betrayed since her littler brother worked for her as her assistant, stylist and artistic director throughout her career. It took them about five years to start speaking to each other again.

The Pointer Sisters vs. Bonnie Pointer

Bonnie was a member of the Pointer Sisters until 1977. She decided to pursue a solo career to moderate success. She later wanted back in the group, but was denied. When June Pointer died in 2006 — who kept in touch with Bonnie, she was cremated by Anita and Ruth and their brothers. However, Bonnie said she wasn’t allowed to ride in the family car and said her siblings denied June’s wishes of burial. The other sisters denied the allegations. They said she was just upset she wasn’t allowed back in the group. Nevertheless, they later re-joined.

 Prince William vs. Prince Harry

Their feud is more of a friendly one… as far as we know. We have seen plenty of tales about the younger brother becoming vengeful and power-hungry as the older brother is heir to the throne or is ruling: Mufasa and Scar or Thor and Loki. But Harry seems to like his freedom. When he was six, Harry told his brother, “You’ll be King, I won’t; so I can do what I want!”

The Jonas Brothers

There might be hope for a reunion in the future, but as of now, the group disbanded. They broke up after pursuing solo careers. Allegedly, they cancelled a 19-city tour due to a rift within the band last year — postponing their tenth album, “V.” Nevertheless, Nick Jonas is surely doing his own thing now.

The Andrews Sisters

These ladies  could harmonize together, but behind-the-scenes there was little harmony. Maxene said it was from years — decades of being one of the biggest pop group acts that led to them feuding with one another. In an article by the LA Times in 1987, Patty said, “When I start singing the Andrews Sisters songs, they don’t give a damn whether I talk to my sister or not.”

Liam vs. Noel Gallagher (Oasis)

When you are the leading members of one of the UK’s biggest bands, there is bound to be some tension. In 2009, Noel accused his brother of backing out of their V Festival concert because he was drunk. Liam denied this, but later blamed his brother for the band’s breakup. Liam said he had Laryngitis. Noel went solo while Liam is the frontman of Beady Eye.

The Isley Brothers

It was Marvin vs. Ronald and Rudolph Isley. He sued his brothers over royalties and for a piece of their brother O’Kelly’s estate. He accepted $250,000 from his brothers in 1997. The brothers claimed Marvin signed over his rights in 1991. Nevertheless, Marvin took the money.


Keyshia Cole vs. Neffe Pugh

When Cole’s career was taking off, she was close with her sister Neffe Pugh. But after the two became reality stars, the fame got to their heads. Cole called out her sister on Twitter. She blasted her sister for talking about her in her book, “Price I Paid.” She called Pugh a leach, and Pugh called Cole unsupportive. But they made up a year ago — calling their blood thicker than all the nonsense they’ve gone through.

The Koch Brothers

Charles and David might be known as the billionaires of Koch Industries, but they have brothers Bill and Fred who gave up their stake in the company for $1 billion each in 1983. Nevertheless, this started a feud — splitting up the brothers. Bill and Fred said they were tricked into giving up their stakes in the company when they should’ve received billions more. After years of battling, it’s been settled. Bill owns billions for running the Florida energy company Oxbow Carbon and Fred lives peacefully in Monaco.

Kings of Leon

Caleb Followill, the leading  member of Kings of Leon pissed off his brothers Nathan and Jared in 2011 after drunkenly ranting onstage and then, vomiting offstage. This fueled a breakup with the group. Nathan and Caleb got into a physical fight while recording “Only in the Night,” but they seemingly made it through their differences because the band is still together.

Joan Fontaine vs. Olivia de Havilland

This is the most epic celebrity sibling feud ever! The feud started in their childhood. Their mother favored Havilland and wouldn’t let Fontaine use the family name as an actress. Nevertheless, Fontaine went on to win an Oscar for “Suspicion” beating out her sister who starred in “Hold Back the Dawn” in 1942. Fontaine refused Havilland’s attempts at congratulating her. But the ladies didn’t completely stop speaking to each other until Havilland neglected to properly inform her sister of their mother’s death during the 1970s. Havilland didn’t speak of her sister until Fontaine’s death in December 2013. Tragic!

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