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No matter the circumstance, sexily single or committed or what have you, most people out there have some relationship fears. Here are some of the most common fears, and how to manage them:

Fear of not being good enough
Whether it’s you not being good enough to be in a relationship, or not being good enough to have the relationship you do have, this fear can be very common. The best way to deal with this fear is understanding that a relationship is designed to be an extension of yourself, not some holy judgment from a supernatural power bigger than you. You are not in a contest where you’ll be rated, you’re in a relationship. The goal is to develop a healthy confidence and overall relationship with yourself, and then simply extend that state of being with someone else.

Fear of losing the one you love
Some fear that they could lose the object of their affection by means within and without their control. Loss of a relationship or of the persons in that relationship is a highly common fear. There’s no real way to completely eliminate the fear of loss, and that’s O.K. Use that fear as an incentive to supremely love and cherish and respect the ones you love as much as you can, for as long as you can. Love is closest you can get to liberation from this fear.

Fear of hidden sexuality
With the onslaught of “down-low” stories of men who pretend to be heterosexual and are really homosexual, it’s not uncommon for a woman to have this fear. Dealing with this fear boils down to both developing serious gaydar, and just learning how to encourage truth around you. The minute you identify a lie about anything in a relationship, be it, who left the car running or who ate my apple, don’t neglect the lie. Encourage truth at all times and make it a relentless theme in your dealings. Those who want to hide are usually uncomfortable in an environment of truth.

Have more relationship fears? What are they?

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