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So you wanna be, or you are, a small business owner? Here are some much needed tips…

When you start a business, the last thing you want to do is run it like a messy personal life. Be vigilant about accounting your work and keeping record of your transactions and engagements. Doing so will not only help you answer larger questions or address external processes from the small business powers that be, but it will also help you serve your customers best, and run your internal machine. Get in the habit of saving receipts, jotting down transactions, dates, engagements, and so on.

Once you have your business idea, or your business already in motion, you need to constantly revisit your approach. Ask yourself, what is your game plan for revenue? Even if you’ve started generating revenue, challenge yourself to revisit your approach to revenue generation every day. What’s working for you so far and what’s not? Ensure that you have a smoothly assembled “approach” to doing business. Haphazard or jerky movements will not serve you well.

At some point very early in the establishment of your business, you have to ascend. You have to “win” or conquer some area of your game plan, as at least a sign that your business should press on. Too many failures early on signal that you may have skipped the previous step of almost obsessively auditing your approach, and that you need to significantly correct or revise it.

Once you ascend, you may dip at some points or struggle here and there, but ups and downs are the norms for any business of any size, so long as the up and down movements are not drastically off course. Your goal should be to aspire for more ups than downs, and to set clear and realistic target milestones to reach by demarcated times.

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