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Can I write something with such a provocative title? I mean, where do you keep your Bible, mine rests on my nightstand. If I’m in a bold move my condoms might rest there too, giving my lover the clear notion that tonight the iPod will shuffle through the songs that will delight her ears while I journey on a quest to make her body shake and quake through the night. Or I might keep the condoms right under the head of the bed, no need to make the awkward naked trip to the closet or to my dresser drawer and lose the energy of the moment. But no matter which way I turn, I have to see my BIBLE.

My Bible, filled with books and lessons on what to do and what not to do. My Bible, the living testament of how God expects me to live my life. One cannot be judged for the wrongs they commit unknowingly but here I am about to sin and I’m forced to look my rulebook in the face. And yet it’s very existence will not tame the passion that has built up, the passion that I am trying to release, that she has built up that, she needs to release, that we need to RELEASE!

Well the truth is, God knows that I am having sex before marriage. And while that does not make it right, His presence is already around us so there is no need for us to cringe at the sight of the wisdom that lay next to a tool that will at least protect us most of the time from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

How many of us bring our spiritual selves into the bedroom, into our relationships in general. I mean sisters are freakin’ on Saturday night and in church on Sunday morning. Before you leave the crib do you ask us if we want to go? I mean that’s if we are seeing each other like that. God knows all we need is the church to gossip about how many jumpoffs you bring to church a month.

But think about it, no need to be ashamed of my Bible and I am da*n sure not going to be ashamed of my condoms. But if we knew each other on a deeper level maybe after we were done we could discuss God, my spiritual self and yours too.  This may sound wrong but it might even make the sex better because we are able to connect on more than a physical level. I’m not moving my condoms, because they are easily accessible so we don’t mess up the mood. And I’m not moving my Bible because if you and I are to ever really vibe, we have to address both, our spiritual self and our physical pleasure. Ladies don’t be afraid to teach and brothers don’t be afraid to learn and vice versa.

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