So You’ve Achieved Your Transitioning Hair Goal–What’s Next?

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Achieving a long-term goal can leave you thinking, “What next?” But you should take the time to enjoy your accomplishments, and that includes the hair goals you’ve reached.

Once you’ve reached your hair goal, it’s tempting to jump right into the next achievement without celebrating the first. Let’s say that obtaining shoulder-length locs was a goal that was met. There’s no need to instantly start collecting images of waist-length hair for your digital vision board on Pinterest. Allow yourself time to enjoy the fact that you’ve met that goal and that your hair is healthy. There’s no rush to the next finish line.

Instead, try spending time assessing the positive aspects of the journey you were on to reach the goal, and review the areas of improvement. If the goal was a 90-day protective style, and 80 of the days your hair was left unattended to underneath that style due to laziness, there’s an identified area of improvement. You’ll find out what parts of your hair challenge actually worked for you and ones that didn’t when you reflect for a time.

Focus on maintaining the results you achieved during your hair challenge. If you’re now an expert at sleeping through the noise of the plastic baggy method, keep it up. Your mornings will thank you. Or, if you’ve mastered the art of the roller set, continue wrapping those magnetic rollers tight. The hard work is in creating permanent habits that affect your daily or weekly hair routine in a positive way. Try coming up with efficient ways to continue with the new changes you’ve created. It could be as simple as changing your blow dryer attachment to speed up the drying process, or using a scarf at night instead of a bonnet when sleeping on your Bantu knots. Finding more productive ways to do things will help you maintain your results and you will be able to integrate those changes into your way of doing things.

While you take the time to pat yourself on the back for attaining your hair goals, remember to pay it forward. Share what you know with others. That conditioner and wrap lotion combo just might be the miracle mixture that helps your sister-in-law coax her edges down. Your quick one-two punch of advice to your coworker struggling with growth might help her stay motivated toward her hair goals. Using what you know to benefit others is the next best step after achieving your own goals.

Celebrating your achievements, maintaining results while creating new habits and giving helpful advice and encouragement to others are ways to allow yourself to reflect on what you’ve accomplished. Then, when it’s time, you’ll be rested and ready to move forward with the next hair goal challenge.


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