Eat This, Not That: A Holistic Health Reset From Whipped Treats Founder C. Colleen Bryan

October 21, 2014  |  


My grandmother was a wise Jamaican woman. She always said that everything you need to feel healthy is either in the ground, in a kitchen cabinet or the refrigerator.

This season has been overloaded with vicious strains of viruses, flu and the common cold. The Center for Disease Control (CDC), recommends, in addition to taking care of your body, getting a yearly flu shot, eating a healthy diet and washing your hands constantly to keep bacteria and germs at bay. But there are many who also subscribe to a natural health regimen to build good health from the inside out.

C. Colleen Bryan left the confines of a corner office on Wall Street and began her quest for knowledge of holistic health after a health scare and is now the CEO of Whipped Treats in New York. Bryan is a holistic health coach and an Integrative Medicine and Quantum University alumna. Bryan has studied and adapted the teachings of Deepak Chopra, Dr. Llaila Afrika and Dr. George Vithoulkas to provide spiritual, mental and physiological well being to her clients.

Her purpose is to create sustainable wellness programs through a whole life approach. The clients, who come from all walks of life, are taught methods of improving their health through nutrition, personal habits and accountability, while affecting their well-being through lifestyle changes.

MadameNoire: Tell us about your business, Whipped Treats?
Colleen Bryan: My business is built on being purposeful. At Whipped Treats each request for a smoothie, tonic, tea, is made with the sole intent to heal our customers and personalize their needs. Whipped Treats is herbal and live; no powders or mixes used.

MN: What should we have in our house to combat what’s going on outside with the flu, common cold and viruses?
CCB: Firstly, I would like to say before you start any new health regimen please consult with your doctor.

Always start with the foundation to restore the body – water, fresh lemon, garlic, Echinacea, ginger and lemon balm. We need to take natural herbs in order boost the immune system and keep the body alkaline.

MN: Why is it important to keep the body alkaline?
CCB: The best way to keep the body healthy is to keep it in a neutral state. If you add lemon or lime to water each morning you are waking up your body, flushing out toxins and providing a greater chance of restoring self.

MN: What is the best way to build immune system?
CCB: Make certain you have the following fresh herbs to build the immune system:  oregano oil, comfrey herb, Echinacea, golden seal, cinnamon and rose hip. Also, for children make certain they take a spoonful of cod liver oil and organic honey to flush out toxins and build up immunity.

MN: How did you press RESET?
CCB: Once upon a time, I had an enviable power, a corner office on Wall Street, and got ill. After numerous doctor visits and medication, it was my father, in Jamaica, who helped me press reset to health with natural herbs.

The first step [was to] look at myself, begin to love myself, know myself, feed myself and do what it right for myself and no one else. Second step: start to question why you are not living on purpose. Third step: surrender to God, get still and listen. Most important step: If asked for purpose, be ready to press RESET.

MN: Can you share some fruits/vegetables and tonics for the body?
CCB: Absolutely. I am going to list a few to kick-start the body to optimal health:

Cayenne pepper – cleanses the blood and rids body of inflammation

Burdock root – cleanses blood; if the blood is healthy, there is no disease

Vitamin C – (orange, grapefruit guava) combats infection.

Vitamin B- (sesame oil/flaxseed) increases healing, gives energy, restores hair, skin

Vitamin A – (carrots, broccoli, kale, spinach, collard greens, dandelion) helps to heal tissues

Dandelion – excellent to cleanse the liver/blood

Semi-contra  (herb)- it rids the body of toxins/worms/parasites

Onions – cleanses the system

Blueberry – powerful antioxidant

Cinnamon – reduces blood sugar

MN: What is the best way to treat high blood pressure?
CCB: I would recommend drinking wheatgrass in a shot glass once a day. Wheatgrass is powerful and has 100 of the 102 nutrients known to mankind and works wonders for those with high blood pressure. Also, for blood pressure try garlic and semi-contra.

MN: Any tips on cholesterol issues, which is alarmingly high in the Black community?
CCB: Try Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar twice a day – it does miraculous things for those with high cholesterol.

MN: Are there any closing thoughts you would like to share with our audience?
CCB: Yes. There is a way to stay healthy – eat holistically by taking the time to prepare food from the ground, staying away from processed foods and listening to your body when you eat. The body always tell you what’s working and isn’t.

MN: What’s next for you and Whipped Treats?
CCB: We have been in business for four years and have witnessed major transformations and progress in the bodies and minds of our clients. We now want to do more. The goal is to expand our storefront and offer personalized health coaching/consultation to families, the elderly and children.


Health RESET: Your body is your temple and the greatest gift you possess. The best way to take care of your temple is to love each bone, joint and ligament by taking the time to eat from the soil, cabinet and refrigerator.

Please note: We always recommend that you visit your doctor for a medical work up and diagnosis. These are suggestions from Ms. Bryan. Their publication here is not an endorsement. 

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