Is Beyonce Solange’s Mother? 15 Celebrity Conspiracy Theories You Won’t Believe

October 20, 2014  |  
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These celebrity conspiracy theories take celebrity rumors to a new level. Get ready to be shocked, scandalized and shaken up by these behind-the-scenes stories.

Rihanna Has A Secret Baby

According to this rumor, when Rihanna first signed to Def Jam in 2008 she was pregnant — with Jay-Z’s baby. The buzz started when Ri went back to Barbados for nine months and came back as Def Jam’s number one star. Recently the rumor popped up again when Ri was allegedly spotted out and about Barbados with a boy who was about six years old…

OJ Simpson Is Khloe Kardashian’s Dad

Khloe Kardashian has always looked different from the rest of the Kardashian clan. And for a while the rumors were that OJ Simpson was actually her father.

The story goes that one night Kris Jenner had a drunken hook-up with OJ (her then-husband Robert Kardashian’s BFF). And when OJ’s manager Norman Pardo repeated the claims in an interview with In Touch Weekly, fans were sure it was true.

That is until Kris shot the rumors down in a 2013 spot on Good Morning America saying simply, “I have never heard such crap in my life.”

Keanu Reeves Is Immortal

Do you believe in immortality? Lots of Keanu Reeves fans do. They say there’s only one explanation for Keanu’s seemingly ageless look: he’s been around forever.

Who was he before he was “Keanu Reeves”? The 9th-century emperor Charlemagne and the 19th century French actor Paul Mounet just to name two. Do you believe the photographic evidence?

Nicolas Cage Is Actually A Vampire

Keanu isn’t the only one fans say is immortal. An eBay seller started this rumor back in 2011 when he posted a photo of a Tennessee man taken in 1870 that looks remarkably like Mr. Cage. And even Nic has had fun with the rumors on an episode of David Letterman before proving once and for all that he’s really human: “There’s a photograph of me, and you can’t take pictures of vampires.”

Miley Cyrus Is A Puppet Of The Obama Administration

In the long tradition of blaming Obama for everything, rumor has it that Miley Cyrus’ famous VMA twerk gate was actually organized by the Obama administration. Why? To distract attention away from the fact that Obama had just signed a law allowing the government to hold prisonders indefinitely without trial.

The craziest part? The rumor was actually started by another celebrity: Jonathan Davis, the lead singer of Korn.

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Little Baby North West Is The Antichrist

Not even celebrity babies are safe from conspiracy theories. And this one says that because the numbers in her birth date add up to 666, Kim and Kanye’s baby is partially the spawn of Satan. Lord…

The CIA Poisoned Bob Marley

We’ve all head this one before. The story goes that the CIA sent Bob a special pair of boots — with a copper wire covered with a cancer-causing agent stuck inside.

Bob pricked his toe, got cancer and died — keeping him from spreading his powerful message to the people.

Tupac Is Still Alive

Say that Tupac is dead to some people and you’d better be ready for an argument. What other explanation is there for the dozens of tracks he released after his death — some of which they say predicted the way he would go out.

Then Suge Knight added fuel to the fie in 2012 by telling a radio station that “Nobody [sic] seen Tupac dead.”

Where is he supposed to be? Chilling on a tropical island with Elvis, we guess.

Tom Cruise Held Auditions For His Wives

Did you think there was something fishy about Tom and Katy’s relationship? One conspiracy theory says that the Church of Scientology member held auditions for both of his famous wives. And in 2012, the rumor got legs when actress Nazanin Boniadi told Vanity Fair that she was one of the women who auditioned to be a church-approved wife for the A-List star.

Beyonce Is Solange’s Mom

Some folks think there’s another reason why Solange and Beyonce look so much alike. Having trouble with the math? The conspirators say these two aren’t really five years apart.

According to them, Beyonce was born in 1974, not 1981 — which makes Bey just old enough to be Solange’s 13-year-old mom. And to save Beyonce the shame of being a teen mom, Matthew and Tina decided to raise Solange as their own…

Everybody’s In The Illuminati

President Barack Obama, Bob Dylan, Rihanna: We’ve lost track of how many celebrities are claimed to be in the Illuminati. But we do know that Jay-Z is said to be at the evil, world-dominating organizations head.

How can you tell? The Def Jam triangle hand sign is the triangle from the Illuminati’s infamous sign — or so the rumors go.

They even say it’s why he named his daughter Blue Ivy which stands for “Born Living Under Evil, Illuminati’s Very Youngest.”

Beyoncé Faked Her Pregnancy With Blue Ivy

Solange isn’t the only pregnancy rumor Beyonce battled. One fabric slip up during an Australian talk show in 2011 started this rumor. When the fabric around Beyonce’s baby bump folded on camera, folks said that it was really her deflating fake baby bump — and that Bey was never pregnant.

But Beyonce told People magazine, “That was crazy. It was a fabric that folded – does fabric not fold?”

Michael Jackson Was Chemically Castrated

Why was Michael Jackson’s voice so high? One conspiracy theory said that an acne medication he was on when he was 12 chemically castrated him. And because Michael never went through puberty, his voice never changed and his build remained small. Do you believe it?

Lady Gaga Is Really A Man

In 2009, a photo of Lady Gaga with an unfortunate lump in her crotch gave birth to the rumor that the Poker Face singer was really a man. But Gaga took it all in stride, telling a French TV station in 2011, “I love the rumor that I have a penis.”

Pippa Middleton Wore A Fake Butt

Ever since big butts hit the main stream, everyone’s been trying to get in on the action. And that includes Pippa Middleton — at least according to the Royal rumors. “Experts” on the subject say that they spotted the fake butt she sported — do you think it’s true?

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