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Want to know whether it’s worth waiting for him to get it together? If he’s showing you these signs, it’s a clue you’ll be waiting around forever.

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He Gets Mad Instead of Getting Better

You can’t change what you won’t acknowledge. If he gets angry every time you bring an issue up, he’s telling you he’s not equipped to face the facts — or change them.



He Resents You

You keep pushing the issue but all he hears is “nag, nag, nag.” It’s a vicious cycle that usually only ends in letting it go or leaving.

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He Doesn’t Care How It Affects You

He does whatever it is that annoys you, you cry, he rolls his eyes, the cycle keeps repeating. If he doesn’t care about how his behavior affects you, you might consider moving on to someone who does.

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It’s Part Of Who He Is

If the vice that bothers you takes up most of his day, chances are he’s not going to let it go. And even if you did convince him to give up what he loves the most, you might not like the person you’re left with.

He’s A Liar

He’ll say he’s going to change — and anything else to get you to shut up. You can either listen to his lip service for years or look at his actions and finally move on.

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Things Aren’t That Serious

The beginnings of relationships are sort of a “what you see is what you get” situation. If there’s trouble this early on, it’s better to move on.


He’s Proud Of It

Is he a “reformed” cheater that compliments “playas” on their game? Chances are he’s not done doing you wrong.

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He Pulls Disappearing Acts

You complain, he gets ghost. It’s a sign that he doesn’t want to hear it right now — and he probably never will.

You Turn The Volume Up

Sometimes it’s not what you say but how you say it. Your communication problem could be getting in the way of getting your message across.

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You Just Don’t Like Him

If the list of things you want to be different include most of the things that make him, it could be a sign that he’s not the one for you.

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He’s Over The Age Of 30

You really can’t teach a dog new tricks. We’re not saying it’s impossible, but the older he gets the less likely it is.

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You’re Tired of Talking About It

You’re so done with rehashing the issue that now you just sigh and let it go.

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He Doesn’t Have Any Consequences

He never helps around the house — so you do it for him. Now you’re complaining about a clean house and he says he doesn’t see the problem.

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There Are Big Consequences — But He Doesn’t Seem To Care

His reckless spending has him in a financial hole that’s seriously limiting his life. If those consequences haven’t convinced him to change, no amount of complaining on your part will.

It’s Been Years

Hope is the only thing that has kept you around for this long. But if you’ve spent years waiting, time is one of the signs that he’s never going to change.

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