Am I Still A Feminist? Sexist Moves Some Women Secretly Like

October 15, 2014  |  
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Respect and equality are important parts of any relationship. But sometimes you want a man to be a man and pull one of these secretly sexy moves.

When He Doesn’t Ask

Something about asking “do you mind if I kiss you now?” can really take the momentum out of the mood. Sometimes you just want him to go for it.

When He Puts You In Check

You know you hit out-of-pocket six minutes ago but you’re still not done — until he has a verbal intervention with a lot of bass in it. Sometimes, there’s just something sexy about a man who’s not afraid to put his foot down.

When He Orders

It’s a bold move. But with the right man on the right date, it can be a hot one.

When He Tells You What to Do

Dating pro tip: sometimes it’s cool to tell a woman what to do. That goes double if those instructions happen behind closed doors.

When He Stands Up For You

OK, so technically the right thing to do is close the tab and leave the bar. But when he gives the stranger who pinched you on the behind a piece of his mind before you leave he’s probably going to get a “thank you” later on that night.

When He Picks You Up

This is definitely in the top ten of All-Time Favorite Man Moves.

When He Wants You Stay At Home

Feminism was about the right to go to work — if you want to. There’s something sexy about a man bringing home enough bacon to support whatever you want to do. And being a woman in 2014 means that you’re allowed to love staying at home if that’s your thing.

When He Says “Go Make Me Breakfast”

Especially if he’s earned it…

When He Smacks You On the Behind

It’s an old school move that’s never really gone out of style.

When He’s Good With His Hands

Sure, not every man has to be mechanically inclined and sure, you could’ve fixed it yourself with Google’s help. But sometimes there’s just something about watching a man put something together with his hands…

When He Wants to Show You OFf

You know you’re more than property or a trophy and he loves you for more than your looks. But sometimes it’s nice to know that he gets excited by the way that you look.

Insisting On Paying

Going Dutch may be a popular trend, but there’s something sort of unsexy about a first date with a man who sits back to wait on you to pull out your wallet.

Killing Bugs

Give you a gas mask, some bug killer and a Timbaland and you could handle it yourself. But it’s always nicer when he comes to your rescue.

Worrying About Your Safety

You’re a grown woman who can take care of yourself. But there’s something sexy about a man who makes sue there’s air in your tires and calls to make sure you made it home.

Win At Sports

Athletic ability isn’t the only definition of a man, but it sure can be nice to watch.

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