Apparently You Can Marry A Man You Just Met: 15 Celebrities Who Got Married Really Quickly

October 5, 2014  |  
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Do you believe in love at first sight? These celebrities weren’t afraid to follow their hearts and dive into the romantic deep end. Get ready to do from Drunk In Love to “huge mistake” with these celebrities who married people they’d just met.

Michael Jackson

In one of the most bizarre turns in pop culture history, the King of Pop and the Princess of Rock and Roll tied the knot after dating for just four months.

The marriage only lasted two years, but it did give the world You Are Not Alone and it’s hard to be mad at that.

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee leaped before they looked and got married just four days after they met. They got divorced just three years later but continued to be on-again-off-again until 2008.

Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon had been putting the word out about his crush on Mariah for years. Then just one month after Mariah decided to give Nick a try, the two tied the knot.

It all sounded like a match made in fairy-tale heaven — until the two announced their split a few months ago.

Muhammad Ali

Ali wasn’t just fast in the ring. Back when he was Cassius Clay, he married his first wife Sonji Roi after only knowing her for a month. Unfortunately the pair got divorced just two years later.

Khloé Kardashian

Sometimes it pays to know a little more about a man before you date him. Khloe Kardashian met baller Lamar Odom at a party and married him just a month later. Maybe a little more courting would have revealed the drug abuse that led to their divorce at the end of 2013.

Giovanni Ribisi

Actor Giovanni Ribisi married model Agyness Deyn on June 16, 2012 — just three months after they both broke up with their respective partners. But since these two are still together we’re going to assume their leap of faith was worth it.

Zoe Saldana

Zoe told Marie Claire, “I don’t do the ABCs. I do what my heart says, what my heart feels. So from the moment I met my husband, we were together. We knew.”

She and her husband Marco Perego just a few months after the papparazzi caught them kissing for the first time and their little bundle of joy is already on the way.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage met Alice Kim when she served him sushi at the restaurant where she worked. They started dating in February 2004, got engaged two months later and married in August.

Apparently the heart knows what it wants. These two have been together for 10 years and have a beautiful son to show for it.

Kim Kardashian

We’re pretty sure Kim has set at least one land record for dating speed. She met Kris Humphries in December, agreed to marry him in May and then ended the marriage just 72 days later.

Danny Bonaduce

Danny Bonaduce might hold the record for the Hollywood star hardest hit by cupid’s arrow. The Partridge Family star married his wife Gretchen Hillmer, on the day that he met her. They stayed married for 16 years before they got divorced in 2007.

Britney Spears

Remember Kevin Federline? He and Britney Spears announced their engagement just three months after they announced they were dating. The marriage lasted for three tumultuous years before the two finally called it quits.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez says that she didn’t start dating Marc Anthony until her engagement to Ben Affleck was off. If that’s true, that means that she and Marc dated for just five months before the finally tied the knot in June 2004.

Jessica Simpson

We’re going to assume that Eric Johnson learned all he needed to know about being married to Jessica Simpson from reruns of Newlyweds. Because after only dating her for six months, the NFL player popped the question.


The R&B songstress met her husband Shannon when he played her love interest in her video Love All Over Me. The on-set chemistry was so serious that the two got engaged six months later.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry and Russell Brand got married just a few months after they started dating. The two got divorced just a few years later and we’re still confused about what they ever saw in each other in the first place.

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