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Daniel Gibson is still speaking about his split from estranged wife, Keyshia Cole. This time, he’s revealing that he fell into a depression after the “I Changed My Mind” singer left him.

“I’ve learned through the depression I went through after losing Keyshia and I felt like [I lost] my son too in the sense that I couldn’t be with him every day,” he told Necole Bitchie. “That whole thing took me into a deep depression. And in that depression I kind of found out a lot of things about myself.

[Depression] is definitely something I sympathize with. Anybody now, knowing where I came from and where I was, anybody I hear that is possibly dealing with something- I feel inclined to speak to them and tell them that in time – because it does take time – things will get better in the right place.”

As for how he was able to escape depression, Daniel says the couple’s son, Daniel Jr., had a lot to do with it.

“I would say without a shadow of a doubt, my guiding light was my son. You know, I was always trying to feel sorry for myself or whatever the case may be. It wasn’t [just] me and Keyshia’s relationship. I come from a poverty-stricken – you know, my family- grew up in a very tough situation. And some of my people are still going through the same thing. And I lost a lot of family members around the same time. So I got hit with a lot at once.

So [Daniel Jr.] was definitely my guiding light through it all but it was also faith. And like I mentioned earlier, a lot of my poetry healed me too. It gave me somewhere to vent, somewhere to talk. And somewhere to actually get it out… it kind of low key saved me.”

The former Cleveland Cavaliers star also says that he has been trying to turn over a new leaf.

“I kind of fasted from everything bad and negative in my life. Like no drinking. No sex. No fast foods. I pretty much just fast[ed] from all of those things. I kind of got into a lot of this stuff and being able to be open and transparent with a lot of the mistakes that I made in my life and in my relationship.”

Daniel adds that he’s open to being married again.

“Yeah. That’s me! I’m the type that wants a family. I want to have kids. Picket fence. All that. That’s me. So yeah, definitely, I want to have somebody that I can share life with. I feel like, that’s the highest level of happiness to me. When you’ve got somebody that’s riding with you and y’all can start your little family and stuff. That’s joy, that’s the pinnacle of happiness when you can make your accomplishments with somebody to share.”

And this time around, Daniel says that he’ll be both faithful and loyal to his future wife.

“Well for one, there will never be- ever be- any disloyalty. This will be my queen. This will be it for me. I wish I had this mind frame before but like I said, [dudes] go through what they go through to understand what it is they need to understand. There will be no disloyalty. There will be friendship.”

Check out Daniel’s full interview over at Necole Bitchie.

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