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So there is a parody video going around, making fun of Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” video.

It’s by Bart Baker and not surprisingly, the gist of his jokes are about her fake cakes, allegedly. But as the blog Stylite wrote of the parody:

Surprisingly, or actually not at all surprisingly since the internet kind of sucks too, the video has already reached almost 900,000 views since being put on YouTube yesterday, with the vast majority of those drawing a very enthusiastic thumbs up for its remarkable rhyming of “surgery bill” and “lips.” Other notable lyrics include “rap about sex nonstop / act like a whore / waste the talent that I got” and “so plastic when I die they’ll throw me in recycling.” LOL. Though our favorite part is how the entire video is basically an ode to Sir Mix A Lot’s “Baby Got Back” when the two songs are about the exactly the same thing only one is told from a female point of view.

When it comes to the formerly rainbow-colored “Starships” rapper, the validity of her cakes appears to be a favorite topic of most comedians and average snarky people on Twitter alike. And when folks are not harassing her about her surgically enhanced figure, they are equally perturbed by the equally large sexual gall in her lyrics.

Honestly, it is hard to say why (in a genre where a song will have the singer shooting two dudes, robbing a bank, going to the club to pop bottles with models, get on a private jet to Barcelona and be back at the ‘hood by morning to push weight – all one verse), folks single her out specifically. But the meme as of late is that Minaj is single-handedly corrupting the tender, impressionable minds of the entire next generation of Black folks, with her exaggerated body and raunchy lyrics.

That’s pretty much what the editor of wrote recently in his open letter to Minaj, more specifically:

The song: “Anaconda.” The art: your booty in a thong. As a man, I can appreciate the virtues of your perfect posterior. The dad guy is not a happy camper, particularly now that his lil’ girl is transitioning into a young lady.”

For the children’s sake.

Meanwhile on the other side of the booty scale, T.I. has this to say to all the people criticizing his protege Iggy Azalea for her less than genuine act:

Me knowing her, knowing where she comes from—for real, the whole racist thing, that’s American—we forget, she’s not American. So the whole Black, White, color divided thing, it isn’t a part of her DNA like it is here in America. It’s just ignorant to me. In this day and age, to be a race of people who are demanding equality and speaking out on injustices and wanting to be treated fairly, to stand up and do the exact same thing in opposite to someone unwarranted for no reason, it’s hypocritical. I’m a ride with her.”

I guess many Aboriginals don’t make it to a T.I show whenever he visits the land down under? I’m sure they would have something to say about the whether “the whole Black, White, color divided thing,” really exists or if it is just a figment of their Rabbit Proof Fenced-in imaginations. Or as Michael Arceneaux, writes for Urban Daily:

Either way, more than anything else, it has been her whiteness that has benefited Iggy Azalea the most and no matter how uncomfortable hearing that repeated makes her supporters feel, it is the truth. Besides, it could be worse: she could bear the burden of being a Black female rapper trying to make it in 2014.”

The burden of being a Black woman rapper is having everyone make a big deal about your allegedly enhanced cakes while nobody – and I mean not a single soul – talks about Iggy’s probable fake ass. Nope, not a single parody video or song, saying “ha-ha-ha, that white girl got a fake ass” can be found anywhere around this Interweb. I guess folks truly believe she naturally picked that up in the South along with her accent. – or they want to believe anyway. In fact, if you try to bring up the fact that Iggy has a fake ass, folks will more than likely respond, “So? Nicki Minaj does too.” And they’ll say it with no irony in the fact that her fake ass is a major reason why folks mock and mudsling Minaj.

The burden of being a Black woman rapper means always having to be concerned with being a good role model to the next general of Black girls – or hell, women in general. As Black women are not individuals and capable of thinking like individuals. We are like the Borg. When one twerks, we all twerk. Therefore Minaj has to be careful how she uses her power. Don’t want to leave the childlike minds of women astray.

However, there are no “Dear Iggy” letters written most ironically from men within the rap industry, denouncing Azalea and her music for turning his precious Lil’ Precious into a dollar-strip walking whore. Even though, Azalea speaks in the same vernacular as many of the brown-skinned folks in her audience and swears and uses sexual imagery in her music as Minaj. And even though folks like T.I swear up and down that “race don’t matter.” Well if it doesn’t matter what color she is, how come we don’t hold her up to the same levels of respectability and accountability as we do her darker skinned counterparts?

Folks don’t like to admit it but everybody is amused and entertained. It’s cheeky and cute when Iggy or any White person does Blackness. Hell, she gets to sing her bullshit on “Dancing With the Stars” where middle aged White women in mom jeans and knit kitten sweaters can ironically sing along too. However the same attitude makes you very little friends or gains you very few supporters as a Black woman. And there is nothing too funny about that.

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