15 Signs Your Life Revolves Around Your Boyfriend

September 16, 2014  |  
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Are you starting to forget what your friends look like? Using the royal “we?” These might be signs you’re spending too much time with your significant other.

All of Your Stories Are About Him

So even when your friends do catch you alone, they still feel like he’s there in spirit.

Your Name Is Now A Hybrid

Since you’re never apart, two names just feels like a waste of time.

You’re On the Outside of All of Your Friends’ Inside Jokes

And you spend most of your time at drinks asking everyone to rewind so you can catch up on what’s been going on.

Your Instagram Page Is 100% Couple Selfies

And there’s no way for people to tell that you’re not literally attached at the hip.

All Your Reservations Are for Two

And you’re sitting here trying to remember the last time you were actually alone and you’re drawing a blank.

You’ve Caught Yourself Baby Talking Outside of the House

And now you have to remind yourselves to use your “grown up voices” when you leave the house.

All of Your Friends Are Couples’ Friends

And you don’t want to introduce them to your single friends because you’ve been pretending you have to hang out with them when they’re secretly awesome…

Your Real Friends Are Salty

It’s not that they don’t like him. It’s just that they remember life before he stole you from them.

Everything Is “We” Now

Everything you plan or talk about is for two. When’s the last time you had some “me time” just for “you?”

You Show Up At Guys’ Night Out

Maybe it’s time to actually hang out with the friends you had before your relationship? If you can scroll that far down your missed calls list, that is.

He Has His Own Ring Tone

And you squeal a little every time you hear it (cue eye rolls from all of your friends within earshot).

You’re Starting to Dress Alike

And it’s really stressing your friends out.

You Have Nothing New to Talk About

Because everything that’s happened to you in the past who-knows-how-long happened right next to him.

You Rarely Leave the House Anymore

And it’s starting to make you two a little bit… weird.

Your Mom Sounds Surprised to Hear from You

But she’s talked to your SO three times this week because he’s basically her new favorite (and you’re trying not to get jealous but you’re a little jealous).

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