Blame It On The Alcohol? Celebs Who Said Liquor Made Them Act Out

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Most of us have been there. You start the night out partying and drinking with some friends and then next thing you know, you’ve had a bit too much to drink. Unfortunately for these celebs, the liquor was flowing, things got out of control and they had to blame their bad behavior on the alcohol.


Ray Rice

Back in February, we caught wind of what went down with Ray Rice and Janay Palmer on the elevator of the Rebel casino in Atlantic City but with new video released earlier this week, the public is getting a full view of the physical altercation. Rice initially was suspended for two games but with the actual footage being shown all over the news, the decision was reversed and he was suspended indefinitely. The Baltimore Raven star told the team’s brass that they had both been drinking heavily that night and things had gotten out of control. Reportedly, he has stopped throwing back the hard liquor and he and Janay decided to become born-again Christians.


Chris Brown

This year Chris Brown spent almost four months locked up in prison after a couple of rehab stints and when he got out he made his return back to the stage at the BET Awards and the partying continued on into the night. Brown showed up to an after-party at the Playhouse in L.A. and celebrated his newfound freedom a bit too much. Cameras caught the “Kiss Kiss” singer exiting out of the club being carried away by a couple friends. Brown blamed his boozy hiatus on his recent sober living, which turned him into a lightweight. He insisted that he hadn’t planned on consuming so much but didn’t want to turn away the drinks Lil Wayne, Tyga and Soulja Boy had offered him.


Dennis Rodman

Despite being an outstanding defender and one of the best rebounders to ever walk on the basketball court, Dennis Rodman’s behavior has always raised eyebrows. The eccentric former Chicago Bulls champion has openly struggled with alcohol and his battle with the ongoing disease became apparent during an appearance on CNN earlier this year. He was appearing on the news channel to talk about his friendship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and when he was asked about an American prisoner that was being held hostage in North Korea, Rodman lashed out and blamed Kenneth Bae for his own imprisonment. Following his appearance, the former baller apologized and said he was having a stressful day and had been drinking.

The Game

Rapper The Game has been a staple on the club scene out in L.A. And he has stayed in the media and on TMZ for numerous fights and scuffles inside and out of the club. In one particular instance the “Hate It or Love It” rapper was caught on cameras in a fit of rage, ripping off his shirt. When the paparazzi caught up with The Game at an airport the following week, they asked him what the melee was about. He replied it was an instance of too much alcohol in his system.

Kirk Frost

Last season of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” we saw the friction in Kirk and Rasheeda’s marriage grow and when he went away for a weekend to unwind with fellow castmember Benzino and R&B singer Bobby V, things got a bit too hot for the cameras. Unfortunately for Rasheeda, she watched with the rest of us as her husband cheated on her with not one but two women. Luckily they were able to move past his infidelity but for a time there, it was touch and go. During an interview, Kirk tried to put the ownership on anyone but him. “I’m Jamie Foxx, I’m blaming it on the alcohol,” he said.


Oscar de la Hoya

For years, Oscar de la Hoya was one of the fiercest boxers to put on gloves and he was feared in the ring. But when photos leaked of the Golden Boy posing in ladies’ underwear and fishnet bodysuits, he was the laughingstock of the sports world. Initially de la Hoya was adamant that the photos were fake and the work of a jilted mistress but when she sued him, the Olympic boxer came clean. He blamed his behavior on a night of hard-partying that was fueled by cocaine and lots of alcohol.


Too Short

Lately Too Short has been trying to jump start his rap career but last year he drew a lot of attention to himself and not because of his music. The “Blow the Whistle” rapper was driving around in L.A. when he was pulled over for a traffic violation. Cops approached the vehicle and noticed Too Short was under the influence. During his field sobriety test, somehow Too Short thought he would be able to make a break for it and took off, but he tripped over his own two feet and was promptly arrested. Too Short blew slightly over the legal limit with .09 and was booked on DUI charges.

Teairra Mari

While most teenagers her age were worrying about schoolwork and going to the prom, Teairra Mari was inking a deal with Def Jam. But despite being in the industry since she was 16 years old, many of us haven’t heard too much from the Detroit native for the past few years. Until news surfaced of her arrest. Back in 2011, the “Make Her Feel Good” singer ended up rear-ending a vehicle and when police arrived on the scene, they noticed she had more than a little bit to drink. Teairra Mari became combative while they were trying to place her under arrest and one of the officers ended up with a cut on his hand. Her night ended and she was charged with assaulting an officer and DUI.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan got her start in front of the cameras at a very early age and was a veteran before she was able to legally drive. But her once promising career took a backseat to nights filled with partying and soon Lohan was known more for her mug shots and rehab stints than her movies. After numerous attempts at getting clean, earlier this year the “Parent Trap” star sat down to an interview with Oprah Winfrey and insisted that she was done with her old lifestyle and attributed much of the craziness to her addiction to alcohol.


Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon has been one of the few celebrities in Hollywood who has stayed out of the tabloids and is known more for her movies and work than her personal life –Until she and her husband ended up making headlines after a night of too much wining and dining. Last year, the “Sweet Home Alabama” star and her husband Jim Toth both ended the night in jail. After he was pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence, Witherspoon was hauled off in handcuffs for disorderly conduct. During an interview after her night in lock up, she explained that she had too much to drink and apologized profusely for her uncharacteristic behavior.


Kanye West

When Kanye West showed up at the 2009 MTV VMA’s with Amber Rose on one arm and a bottle of Hennessey in his other hand we should’ve known something would go down. He infamously interrupted Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech and gave his uninvited opinion on who should’ve really won the award. His actions turned him into one of the most hated men in America the following day. West was on the receiving end of numerous death threats and stayed off of the radar for months afterwards. He has since apologized for interrupting Swift.


Mel Gibson

For all of his movies and all of the money he made in Hollywood, Mel Gibson will probably be best remembered for the few times that he had a bit too much to drink and put his foot in his mouth. The “Waterworld” star was infamously pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence and lashed out at the arresting officers. He immediately began ranting and somewhere along the lines the rant turned anti-Semitic. Afterwards Gibson apologized for his behavior and entered rehab. Alcohol was also the driving force behind the nasty, racist voicemail he left for his Russian ex-girlfriend and she promptly leaked it to the media.


Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran made a bit of a name for himself before he started to break into the music scene here in the U.S. This year he was nominated for a Grammy for Best New Artist and at the MTV VMA’s, he took home a moonman for his “Sing” video. But not everyone was happy for him. Miley Cyrus was caught by the camera shouting an obscenity at him. Her disdain may stem from what happened at an after-party Grammy night. During an interview with Howard Stern, the English singer/songwriter admitted to celebrating with too much alcohol. He then ran into the “Wrecking Ball” singer and had some not so nice remarks to say to her, many of which he couldn’t remember.

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