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Negative voices are plentiful on T.V., from friends, from outsiders, but they can also reside right there in your own noggin! Perhaps you have a bad day, or you’ve experienced a string of losses, or whatever the case may be, and those negative thoughts start to consume you. Here are a few ways to fight them.

1. Change your circle
The chatter in your life is created by the people who surround you. They are called your “circle” because they surround you and your thoughts. In order to fight the onslaught of negative thoughts to which anyone can be prone, you have to be diligent about maintaining a healthy circle. Even a handful of negative influences in your circle can spread like a cancer through your thoughts. Thus, clean them out and keep them out!

2. Identify the source and change your circumstances
When you’re hit with a barrage of negative thoughts, figure out where exactly they’re coming from. Are they coming from work? Are they coming from school? Are they coming from a particular person? Once you identify the source of the negativity, contain the negativity within that source. Don’t let it spread to other areas of your life. Once you identify and contain the source, work towards changing it!

3. Focus on the positive outcomes that can replace the negative
For every negative thought in this world, there are at least 15 billion positive thoughts. Thus, when consumed by negative voices in your head that tell you that you can’t achieve something, or that you can’t change something, power off those thoughts with the idea that positive outcomes are always possible and likely. There’s a reason why most fairy tales, movies and story lines always have happy endings: good always prevails over bad. It’s a basic law of humanity.

4. Get out of your head and get physical
When consumed by negative thoughts, there’s no quicker way to fight them than using physical activity: boxing, cooking, swimming, jogging, dancing, for example. Physical activity kickstarts your feel-good hormones so that they will attack your negative thoughts for you. All you have to do is…well, “DO!” Get out of the entrapments of your mind and just “do.”

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