Signs You Let Your Boyfriends Change You Too Much

September 10, 2014  |  
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Your partner’s bound to change you a little bit, but if you do these things, you might not have a very firm grasp on who you are, Basically, you’re a relationship chameleon and will change to please any man you’re with and that’s not okay!










You hide your quirky style

You stop wearing your vintage dresses or neon tights and wear very plain, simple clothes that nobody could criticize. You’re embarrassed of your quirky style.












You cover up

You used to love showing off your curves, your cleavage—you name it—but now you cover up more.











You stop making people laugh

You used to be the star of the show at any dinner party, always telling fun stories and making people laugh. Now, you’re quieter so you don’t overshadow your partner.



You spend less time with male friends

You seem to have excuses to not see your male friends as often but you do see your female friends plenty…you’re trying to appease your jealous boyfriend.

You hide your eating habits

You don’t invite your guy to your Sunday pizza in bed session. In fact, when he calls and asks what you’re doing on Sunday, you say you’re just cleaning the house. (As crumbs fall on your chin).

You buy workout clothing

He’s into fitness, and now suddenly you have five cute workout outfits from very nice brands. You used to hardly workout and if you did it was in your high school track t-shirt that has holes in it.

You don’t put on your workout clothing

You always used to work out, but your boyfriend teases people who are super into fitness so now you sit on the couch with him on Sundays when you used to hike.

You’re reading sex “how to” articles

You used to be totally comfortable with how you were in bed and now you find yourself trying to learn how to be more kinky/experimental/dominant etc. but you’re not quite comfortable with all that.

You’re watching his shows on your own

You watch the TV shows he loves on your own so you can talk to him about them instead of just admitting this is an interest you two don’t share.


You’re suddenly political

You never used to chime in when politics came up, but now you get impassioned about them because he does. You even find yourself at political rallies though you’re not quite sure what you’re doing there or if you really like the candidate he supports.










You’re suddenly religious

You found God – or a different god — when you found your boyfriend. Coincidence?











You drink less

Your boyfriend looks down upon drinking and now you find yourself bashing it too, and ostracizing the friends you used to go to bars with.


You drink more

Because your boyfriend is such a partier, you’ve gained weight, diminished your bank account and gone to work hungover trying to keep up with him.

You spend more money

Your boyfriend leads a luxurious life and now you’re ashamed of your thrift store clothing and antique store dishes.







You deny yourself your indulgences

Your boyfriend is very thrifty and criticizes people who take spa days or drive nice cars, so you deny yourself indulgences you love like massages and designer shoes.

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