Five Ways To Battle The End Of Summer Blues

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For most people, summer is the most anticipated and beloved season of the year. The weather is deliciously warm, and there is a carefree vibe that is infectiously seductive. Your routine is welcomingly interrupted by spontaneity and scheduled indulgences, which makes for a level of unpredictability that many of us secretly crave.

But as always, the warmer months are fleeting. And now we are at the home stretch and that can bring a whole new set of emotions that are all too familiar. The end of summer usually means “back to regular scheduled programming.” School is back in session, regular work hours are re-instated and all the stress that you managed to shed off for two months returns in full force. There is also some anxiety that comes with the realization that the year is more than half way through and perhaps, you have not lived up to the expectations or goals that you assigned yourself while ushering in the New Year.

Saying goodbye to summer and facing the beginning of the end of the year can be a brutal reality and a real bummer. It can also be a somewhat depressing phase but there are ways to overcome your end of summer blues.

Plan a fun trip: Just because summer is over doesn’t mean the fun has to end. Planning a quick getaway with your girlfriends will give you something to look forward to and relieve your mood swings. And if you can’t find anyone to join you, then it might be an opportune time to take a solo excursion. Traveling alone can be a rewarding experience, if you can afford it. It definitely propels the process of rejuvenation.

Initiate a fun project: Another way to create a much needed distraction is to figure out a fun project that will keep you happily occupied for a good amount of time. From re-decorating your apartment to starting an online business, your options are limitless. All you have to do is choose the one that will be effectively productive and most importantly enjoyable.

Try something new: It seems like most of us are more adventurous during summer, but that willingness to try new things shouldn’t end once the chill sets in. Registering for a cooking class or salsa lessons can always spark a renewed interest in something that could potentially turn into a long term endeavor. It also helps to make life a little less rigid which can be a promising way to end the year.

Rejuvenate your love life: If you spent the summer immersed in light-hearted romances, then maybe it’s time to settle for something a little more tangible. As the temps grow chillier, our need to find a steady partner to keep us warm becomes a priority. This might be a good time to explore your options and try innovative ways to snag a partner. The ongoing quest for love doesn’t always have to be a frustrating process. It can be a way to come out of your shell, plus it does wonders for your self-esteem.

Get a makeover: Once a season ends and a new one begins, it can serve as a launching pad for a much needed makeover. A new haircut, hair color or wardrobe can be just what you need to rejuvenate your senses especially if you are stuck in a rut. It also gives you the opportunity to step outside of yourself, by embracing a side that may not be all that familiar but turns out to be the ammunition you need to confidently pursue your goals and aspirations, which will ensure that you end the year on a good note!

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