Things That Happen During Pregnancy That People Don’t Warn You About

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Although being pregnant is beautiful, there are some downsides to being an expectant mother. Your hormones get all out of control, your appetite either increases or diminishes due to morning sickness, and why didn’t anybody mention how tortuous the last month of pregnancy could be? I’ve been pregnant three times and have two children ages 4 and 1. Besides the basics that I mentioned above, pregnancy can come with a ton of “side effects” and changes that people really don’t tell you about beforehand. Here are a few things I wish someone had warned me about so I could have been prepared…

Your Sex Drive

Some people say that sex is better when you are pregnant. I wouldn’t know because when I was pregnant I wouldn’t let the father of my unborn child touch me with a ten-foot-pole. Something about excess hormones and a low libido can make some pregnant women very dull and unenthusiastic about sex while others get very turned on. 

The Orgasm Struggle

Speaking of sex, having a full orgasm when you are in your second or third trimester, depending on the size of your baby, is the most difficult task for a pregnant woman. Because a pregnant woman’s uterus can’t fully contract, the feeling of a full climax is less intense. So at this point in your pregnancy, you’ve overcome your low libido, tried to give sex a go, got all worked up and uncomfortable for what feels like an average massage.

People Will Be Nicer Than Ever

When you are noticeably pregnant, strangers will hold doors open for you, brake from a mile away to let you cross the street, give you their seat on public transportation (hopefully), let you skip them in the bathroom line and do many other common courtesies that you wish were more common.

And Other People Will Feel Obligated To Touch Your Stomach

Then there are those that think that because they can see your protruding bump, you’re offering an open invitation to them to invade your personal space and rub your belly. I’ve literally had to swat hands away from my stomach because strangers thought it was okay to touch me. Though they mean well, I don’t think I could ever get used to it. 

You Should Do Kegel Exercises

One of the best things a pregnant woman can do for herself while she is pregnant is Kegel exercises. During pregnancy, as the baby grows, their weight begins to put pressure on our pelvic floor. The pelvic floor is located under the uterus and as the baby gets bigger and the pressure in that area increases, things like incontinence and sexual dissatisfaction can occur after the baby is born. Kegels work to strengthen the pelvic floor, giving your body a little more stamina to withstand all the extra weight.

Don’t Get Paranoid While Pregnant And Put All Your Faith In Google

There should be a warning posted on Google for pregnant women because it’s dangerous to turn to the search engine when you’re expecting for the first time. After catching a mild cold when I was 38 weeks pregnant, I turned to Dr. Google to diagnose my symptoms. I drove myself to the ER because I was certain I had swine flu. Dr. Google can be a gift and/or a curse for a pregnant woman.

Figuring Out The Right Time To Rest With A Newborn

Books on pregnancy and your baby’s first year tell you to “sleep when the baby sleeps” in order to catch up on lost rest. What they don’t tell you is that if you dare to take that advice, you’ll wake up to a hungry and fussy baby because you should have stayed awake to wash and prepare bottles for his/her next feeding time. Basically, even if you wanted to sleep when your baby sleeps, it’s probably not a good idea unless you’ve got someone doing those chores for you.

People Will Get On Your Last Nerve

Some women find that during pregnancy, they are extremely annoyed by their spouse. I was one of those women. During my second pregnancy I could not stand to be in the same room with my son’s father. This is actually very common for pregnant women. If it isn’t your spouse who is tap dancing on your last nerve, it might be someone else very close to you and around often. 

Increase Your Dietary Calcium For Your Teeth

If you had any issues with your teeth before pregnancy, you should expect them to get a lot worse throughout the duration of your pregnancy due to the hormones (the increase in estrogen and progesterone can affect the way your gums react to plaque). If your teeth are bothering you it would be best to get to your dentist right away and make sure you’re getting all the calcium you need through your diet. 

Your Lady Bits Might Change Colors

Because of all the increased blood flow that a woman experiences during pregnancy, the color of your vag*na can temporarily change. If you began your pregnancy with caramel colored private parts, by the end of your pregnancy, that color could change to dark brown. I did not expect all that, but hey, strange things happen when you’re carrying another life.

Your Hair And Nail Growth Could Change

Whether your hair and nails grow at a rapid rate or your hair starts shedding and breaking off like Tamar Braxton’s did after giving birth, pregnancy can alter a woman’s hair in strange ways. I grew gray hair during my first pregnancy. Some pregnant women report having longer and thicker hair while others shed. We’re all different. 

Your Sleeping Patterns Will Change

During both of my pregnancies I experienced extreme insomnia and couldn’t fall asleep before 4:00 a.m. During that time I noticed that my babies were awake with me, kicking and squirming in my uterus. My sister-in-law, who was also pregnant at the same time, would be awake with me. Sleep can cause some some to experience disturbances in their sleep patterns, whether they end up struggling with extreme fatigue or some form of insomnia.

And Don’t Forget About Your Skin!

Thanks to the mix of hormones running rampant through a woman’s body during pregnancy, your skin can change in some really flattering ways. The pregnancy glow that women experience is linked to the increase of estrogen during pregnancy. My skin was smooth and soft and my tone evened out smoothly. However, right after delivery, the estrogen levels dropped and the difference was immediately noticeable. Some pregnant women report having remarkable looking skin during pregnancy while others may get the shorter end of the stick.

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