There Won’t Be A Second One: 15 Terrible First Date Deal Breakers

September 10, 2014  |  
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They say a woman knows within the first few hours of meeting someone whether or not it’s going to work. Unfortunately, that can land you in he middle of the world’s worst first date. Better hope your friend comes trough with the emergency exit call or you’re going to have to grab your purse and run for the door.

Showing Up Late

Not only is he 45 minutes late, but he’s mad that you’re mad. This is definitely not going to work.

Asking You to Go Dutch

It’s just common courtesy to offer to split the bill on a first date. But if he starts tallying up who had the salad and who had the wine it’s a major end-of-the-date turn off.

Talking About His Ex

And you’re just sitting there like, “really?” Not only is it a sign that he’s really not over her, it is just plain old-fashioned rude.

Texting While Talking

It’s one thing to excuse yourself from the table to take an emergency work call, but if he only occasionally looks up at you while typing to Lord-knows-who, it’s probably time to get up and leave.

Chewing With His Mouth Open

The real question is, how long are you going to watch crumbs fall out of his mouth before you decide to get up and leave.

Dragon Breath

What’s that smell? Did a sewage main burst? Someone forget to take out the garbage? Nope. It’s coming directly from your date.

The “Very Sexual Person”

Maybe we’re old fashioned, but sex talk should be saved for after the first date. That goes double if it seems to be all that he has on his mind.

The Job Interview

Did you know he just bought a new Mercedes? Or that he’s on the fast track for a promotion at work? No? Well get comfortable, because you’re going to be hearing all about him until you fall face-first asleep in your plate.

The Stranger

His OK Cupid profile picture was a 9, but the man standing in front of you is closer to a 2. Do you suffer through the date? Or call him a liar and head for the hills?

The Researcher

You thought this was the getting-to-know-you portion of the relationship, but he’s already done his research at home. He knows your friends names, where you went to school and what you were doing last weekend. And now you’re ready to delete his number — right after you set all of your profiles to private.

The Investment Banker

Since when are steak and three Cosmopolitans the going rate for a ride back to your place? He’s mad now that you just want to go home, but if you knew he thought that dating was just a down payment for sex you could have saved him the trouble.

The Advocate

You barely know anything about him but you could write a paper on the evils of global warming. Unless you’re ready to take a permanent back seat to his social policies, it’s probably better to walk away after the first date.

Being Rude to the Waitstaff

This is actually our favorite first date faux pas because it saves us the trouble of finding out he’s a terrible person much later down the line.

The Complainer

He’s spent an hour talking about how much he hates his job, his ex and his apartment and now you’re really starting to hate this date.

The Big Drinker

Are you crazy? Or did he show up a little drunk? He’s definitely wasted now. Better tip out during his next stumble to the bathroom.

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