Comedienne Retta, A Seat Filler, And Commentary On Racial Injustice

August 28, 2014  |  

Please tell me y’all watch “Parks and Recreation,” affectionally known as “Parks and Rec” for those in the in crowd. If you don’t, you’re missing out on a whole bunch of goodness, a lot of goodness.

But that’s only part of the reason why I’m here today.

“Parks and Rec” features the brilliant comedienne Retta. And she is everything. Sharp, in touch, and of course hilarious. In case you’re not familiar, this interview of Retta with Conan will tell you practically everything you need to know about her.

In other words she’s the ish.

And feeling the way I do about Retta, I don’t take it lightly when people come for her. But I also look forward to it because she will read you for filth. That’s exactly what happened at the Emmy’s earlier this week with a random type of dude.

Retta is known for live tweeting and so naturally, she did so with the Emmys.

But before the show even got going, she had to deal with the seat filler dude.

She tweeted the awkward interaction.

So once the seat filler got home and saw that Retta was tweeting about him, picture and all, he didn’t take too kindly to it and started insulting her, by calling her fat and smelly…very elementary school.

I’m not really going to discuss his insults because they were unoriginal, irrelevant to the initial altercation and just stupid. What is interesting though is the conversation it’s since sparked. One of Retta’s twitter followers asked her why she said it was “very white of her” to call security. She even used the “Keep It Classy” hashtag as a way to let her know she thought it was tactless.

And Retta let her know umm… the random man challenging her very presence at the Emmys–when she had more reason to be there than he did– was something she was not going to let slide. And she proceeded to educate. See what she said in a series of ten tweets.

This is a classic example of diff points of view. By saying it was “white” of me, I read it as I’m not taking the assumptive stereotypical “black” route by being confrontational and thus putting me in the “guilty of being black” position but rather chose to go the white/safe/appropriate route of seeking an authority figure. 

I haven’t spoken up about it or posted on social media about it because it put me in such a place of rage that I couldn’t see straight but the rawness of the Michael Brown tragedy and the “guilty of being black” inequity is at the front of my (and many others’) mind these last 2 weeks. Yes, you were coming from a place of was race necessary? You are white (drawing from your profile pic.) As a black person ON the day of Michael Brown’s funeral, I was coming from a place of WHAT THE EVER LIVING FUCK?!? For me it is pervasive and pollutes almost every thought. So you are right. My joke didn’t need to be about race. But neither did that shooting on Aug 9th and many others that have taken place in the past. And I guess I just chose your tweet to make my social media statement on how I felt about Michael Brown’s shooting. Probably unfair but there’s a lot of that shit going around.”


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