15 Things Introverts Are Tired of Hearing

August 21, 2014  |  
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If you’re an introvert, chances are you’re tired of being misunderstood. You’re not mean, or depressed, or mad, you just want to be alone. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Why Are You So Quiet?

Introverts aren’t great at small talk. It’s stressful and awkward and why smart phones are one of the world’s greatest inventions. They’ve been making avoiding conversations less awkward since 2007.

Can I Crash Here?

Umm…not really? After a long day of hanging out introverts are dying for detox time. But there’s no need to take it personally. While extroverts get energy from other people, introverts lose a lot of theirs. It’s polite to give them time to recharge their batteries.

I Invited My Friend, Is That Cool?

No, it is absolutely not cool. Introverts need time to emotionally prepare for new people. Now they have to say “no” and make things awkward.


Surprise party? Surprise guests? Surprise plans? Just reading that list is enough to make an introvert nervous.

Beauty Shop Gossip

Should getting your hair done require so much mental preparation? More than one introvert has changed salons to avoid an overly chatty beautician who doesn’t understand why they don’t want to chat back.

You Said You’d Come

You made those plans because at the time you felt like hanging out. Now you’re just not into it. And there’s nothing like that wash of relief that comes from cancelling the plans that were getting in the way of your alone time.


Every introvert knows that anxious feeling that comes when the phone rings and you’re not prepared to answer it. Better to text them later and pretend that you missed the call. They should know it’s your preferred method of communication by now anyway.

Excuse Me, Miss?

The whole point of putting on headphones is to avoid talking to strangers.

You’re Going By Yourself?

Extroverts have trouble understanding that sometimes introverts like to take their “me time” on the road. Give an introvert a good book and a table at their favorite coffee shop and you’ll make them happier than they could ever be at a party.

Maybe You’re Depressed?

The messed up part is that if you listen to enough of your friends and family’s diagnoses you’ll start to ask yourself if it’s true. But the real truth is that you just really love you’re alone time, and there’s nothing wrong with that — or you.

What Are Your Plans For The Weekend?

You’ve said “nothing” for so many weekends in a row that now you feel pressured to make up plans. Not everyone understands that your favorite weekends are the ones where you don’t step foot outside the house and get to recharge your batteries for two whole days.

“I’ll Drive”

Great, now you can’t sneak out of the party early. And you had a great excuse and reading you were excited to to catch up on.

I Didn’t Think You Were Friendly

Introverts are more likely to suffer from resting bish face than any other group of people. But introverts aren’t unfriendly, just not always great at being social.

Christmas Music

Introverts love the holidays as much as anyone else, but not the dinners, parties and constant stream of friends and family that lasts from November to January.

You Should Get Out More

Should you really though? There are books and movies and craft projects at home and it’s frankly your favorite place to be.

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