Five Daily Courtesies You Should Give Your Body & Soul

March 9, 2011  |  

Every action you take daily: how you walk, how you eat or how you talk represents a brushstroke of your image. Thus, there are millions of courtesies you can impart upon yourself, in order to make your body and soul look and feel good. Here are five unique courtesies you can give your body and soul daily.

Eat bowl by bowl if you can, and say a prayer over your food
You may not be the religious type, but at least give thanks for your meal. It’s the same as giving credit for the director who created your favorite film. Whoever created you, or allowed you to receive food, could get some props. Giving props on a spiritual level before you eat, helps to nourish both your body and your soul. Also, try to eat from a small bowl as often as you can; start with one bowl, and another, until you’re full, then stop as soon as you’re full. Doing so allows you to watch your portions, and appreciate your meal, bit by bit; it encourages you to eat in stages, not consume more than you need in one go. It’s a great way to treat your body well and extend it some courtesy.

Ban negative words in your daily style of conversation
Cuss words can be deleted from your life without causing any major damage. Bad gossip or any kind of talk that eventually doesn’t make you feel good, can also be cleaned out of your system. Your body and soul will thank you.

Overuse the word “love”
You can never declare love too many times. Not saying you have to tell the boy you just met that you love him. But, making a habit of loving more than you hate things, will make you feel like a star and will allow you to extend quite the courtesy to your soul.

Heap praises on something/someone good
Just like loving, you can never praise too much. Well…ya can, but it’s a great daily courtesy for you to praise someone or something else. If you see a news story about a group of women in a struggling country, who’ve decided to become mechanics for example, say “go girls!” Praise someone or something everyday, and your soul too will be praised.

Do one thing to celebrate your womanhood, each day
Wear lipstick if you don’t typically. Clean your nails. Cook something that you cook better than a man. Do something just for you, your feminine body, and your soul, that could only come from you. It would be a celebration, a courtesy, and a ‘thank you’ to you!

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