Dr. Tiana Von Johnson Advises Wealth Seekers To Turn Their Investment Energies To Real Estate

August 15, 2014  |  

MN: On the business side, what struggles did you have to overcome on your journey to CEO?

Dr. TVJ: “People problems” are one of my number one issue and number one struggle because a lot of times people want something for nothing. People want your life so to speak, but not put in the work or put in some of the things that you did to get to this place.

MN: You are the author of The Mindset Makeover: How to Enhance Your Self-Worth to Increase Your Net Worth. Can you give us a little bit of insight on your book?

Dr. TVJ: The Mindset Makeover was something that was near and dear to my heart. [It discusses] some of the ways that my mind worked as I was growing up at seven years old selling records with my father on 125th street [in Harlem], not really doing all the things that kids at seven and eight-year-olds did. My mindset was being groomed from a very young age. So as I went through life, I started looking at it from two different directions: the traditional mindset that people are just kind of going through life and this dark place, this very scary road to go down, but only the brave go down that road. The Mindset Makeover is [about] my life experiences [and how they can] help change people’s mindset about life so they can increase their wealth.

MN: Are there other events that you offer to help people further their knowledge in the real estate industry and investing?

Dr. TVJ: I have three major events: a new series called Tiana’s Master Class, an event that I am producing across the country that is really helping people with how to have a successful business, teaching people how to invest in real estate.

I also have a real estate tour where I go around the country and show people how to be the broker of their own national real estate investment company.

And my baby is the Women Doing It Big conference. It’s a national tour, conference, and concert that I do with all of my celebrity friends. We’ve had Monifah, we’ve had Tashera Simmons, Selena Johnson, and a lot of prominent women come together in a forum where they’re just sharing their stories of success, some of their struggles and journeys and some of the things that they’ve gone through to help our guests build off of some of their experiences.

MN: You’ve spoken about how people can build their investment portfolios. What advice would you give to those who may start local, but want to eventually build nationally? 

Dr. TVJ: Starting on a local level doesn’t mean necessarily investing in your backyard. If you’re looking to get into real estate, you can start really small with a property in Las Vegas, Nevada for $92,000. A lot of times, especially in our culture, a lot of people were taught and trained to invest in their own backyard; you have to see the property, you have to go there, you have to collect the rent. In actuality that’s not true. You can invest anywhere in the country, as long as it is a good deal.

[On] my website, we put together a custom investment solution for each individual. We don’t care what your financial situation is, we don’t care what your credit looks like, we want to help everyone. Especially through the Minority Investment Alliance, which is helping people to put together the strategy for success to apply for property. I wouldn’t say necessarily that if you live in Brooklyn you have to go ahead and invest in Brooklyn. I would say you just have to put yourself in the position to get the right deal and it does not matter where it is.


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