You Mad? Stuff Ex-Boyfriends Say When It’s Finally Over

August 15, 2014  |  
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The only thing worse than the breakup itself are the conversations you have after it. When things don’t end with a clean break, things get crazy quick. Lets all take a moment to laugh at the dumb stuff exes say when it’s finally over.

I Talked To Your Mother The Other Day

There is nothing like the relationship┬áthat just won’t end. Your relationship is over but he’s still talking to your mother and Facebooking your sister.

I Don’t Even Know Why We Broke Up

It’s always the one that was up to the bull who has no idea why it was such a big deal. But it’s cool if he doesn’t remember. You’ve got about 300 diary pages to remind you why.

That’s Why I Cheated

He just had to get that last dig in. He meant it to hurt you but now you’re just that much more sure that breaking up was the right thing to do.

Come Through

Remember those days when you were young and new enough to think that he just wanted to talk?

I’m Just Checking In

Translation: “I just saw that new profile picture you posted on Facebook and I’m starting to wonder if maybe I made a mistake.”

Oh. You’re Dating Him?

It’s classic post-breakup saltiness. He doesn’t want you back but he’s still jealous of the next dude. No one wants to be the last one to move on.

Let’s Be Friends

There are two types of ex-boyfriends: the kind that really should have been friends in the first place and the kind you never want to see again. Why the second kind always wants to hang around after the love is gone, we’ll never know.

You Were The Closest To The One

Why is it that they only ever say this after you’ve broken up, after 11pm when you’ve already refused to “come through?”

I’m Just Going to Be Single For A While

His definition of “a while” is apparently “until next weekend.” You’ve already been texted two pictures of him out with the next girl.

You’ll Never Find Another Like Me

Lord, I certainly hope so.

It Was Me

It’s been six months since you broke up. But now that you’ve moved on he says he finally realizes that he was wrong and you’re just over here like “no ish.”

You Still Love Me

In his mind, he’ll always be the one for you even long after he’s gone. You’d be mad, but you think the same thing about him.

I Miss You

What exactly does he expect you to do with this information? He should have been worrying about missing you while you were there.

So Now You’re Too Good For Me?

Here we go with the guilt trip…

When Do You Want Your Stuff?

He’s been holding on to that hair clip for weeks. It’s not worth it because every time you see each other you fight.

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