Tat, Tat, Tatted Up: 15 Famous And Fine Men With The Hottest Ink!

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When most of us entered the real world, we had to trade in our midriff-baring tops and miniskirts for neutral-colored (re: dull) power suits. We (hopefully) gave up our bad boy lovers for grown men who had their act together! After all, it is all a part of growing up. But, no matter how “grown” you are, you can always appreciate the bad boy look! Take a look at some of the sexiest famous men around who have the hottest tattoos! We’re not saying these heartthrobs are bad dudes, but they have an extra bit of edge that we can’t help but swoon over!


Although this list of inked hunks is in no particular order, we’d be lying if we said that Dwayne Johnson didn’t come to mind first! His eyes, smile and ripped body are just a few reasons why we love this wrestler-turned-actor! The star of the box office hit Hercules continues to captivate audiences everywhere. Another reason to love this handsome fellow is for the amazing ink that covers his flawless physique. Johnson’s striking ancestral tattoo across his chest, shoulder and arm represents his black and Samoan heritage. This amazing tattoo took over 60 hours of work in three different sessions with his artist to complete! Needless to say, it added on a nice touch to his sculpted body!  



As one of the most recognizable athletes on the planet, David Beckham’s good looks and sex appeal continue to further his career now that his soccer days are over. Beckham’s signature sleeve tattoos include his mantra, “Both Feet on the Ground,” and tributes to his wife Victoria Beckham and their children. A Roman numeral of the number seven is inked on his arm as a tribute to the jersey number that he wore as the superstar of Manchester United and later, the LA Galaxy. 


Maxwell has always been a dapper fellow, so you may not have realized that underneath all that clothing, he also has a bit of ink, too! The gorgeous crooner’s Celtic cross tattoo, which is said to represent having strong faith, is on his shoulder and adds a nice touch to his already hot physique! 


This Minnesota Viking running back has “The Diesel” tattooed on his upper arm, ink that he obtained when he was just a teenager. But we’re pretty sure he doesn’t need any reminders these days of just how tough he is on the field! Adrian’s six-pack stomach is adorned with an image of  Jesus holding up the “happy” and “sad” theater masks. One look at Adrian makes us a bit sad that there’s no such thing as a shirtless NFL! But, we can always dream, can’t we?  



Men like Matt Kemp make us wish that the LA Dodgers played baseball all year long! This photogenic outfielder has been busy on and off the baseball field, taking up new projects such as his recent ad campaign with the Gap. We’re pretty sure that his amazing ink and his good looks put him in high demand for modeling work. Kemp has also been busy promoting PETA’s “Ink Not Mink” campaign as well. He has quite a bit of ink, but his tattoo tribute to his grandparents shows how much he appreciates the lives of those around him. We still don’t know what Rihanna was thinking for walking away from a man like this!  


If you ever needed a reason to start watching football, Colin Kaepernick is a great one! This chiseled quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers has taken his team to the next level and has also captured the hearts of many women across the country! Kaepernick’s tattoos represent his faith, love for his fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi and humility. One of his most prominent tattoos reads, “Against All Odds,” which Colin says represents some of the struggles he has overcome in his life. 


This NBA showstopper has some of the most distinctive tattoos in the game! Despite success, Anthony hasn’t forgotten where he came from. His “WB” tattoo near his shoulder represents West Baltimore where he learned to play basketball. He also has a variety of tribal tattoos that make up the sleeves on his arms. The scroll on his chest has many phrases that are special to him including, “No Struggle, No Progress.” We all know that the New York Knicks have been struggling for a minute, but hopefully Carmelo will lead the team to a championship soon now that he’s decided to stick around. 


Most of us have grown up wathching Johnny Depp, but you probably haven’t noticed that the actor has had decorated himself with over a dozen known tattoos. Depp has frequently commented about his Native American ancestry and has a tattoo of a Cherokee chief to represent his heritage. He also has his daughter’s name, Lilly Rose, inked across his heart. Some of you may recall his rocky relationship with actress Winona Ryder that ended on a sour note way back in the day. Before things were chaotic, Depp had Ryder’s name tattooed on him but later had it corrected after the breakup to read, “Wino Forever.”   



This pioneer of hip-hop has a number of tattoos that represent how he feels about his climb to the top. “Respect” is tattooed as an armband around his left arm and as one of the most respected artists in hip-hop, we know he gets plenty of it. LL Cool J also has a microphone with a king’s crown atop it to represent his place on top as the king of hip-hop…you know, in his opinion.    


This Hawaiian hottie has been making our hearts melt for a minute! Jason Momoa, 35, has had success on TV shows and films including, “Game of Thrones,” “Stargate: Atlantis” and Conan: The Barbarian. When it comes to tattoos, Momoa has proven that sometimes less is more! He may not be completely covered in ink, but we love the ink that he has! His unique armband tattoo on the lower half of his arm represents his native Hawaiian ancestry. In an interview with Inked Magazine, Jason explains the significance of the tattoo that he and several people in his family share. “It’s basically like your power animal, whatever animal represents your family or your tribe. And ours is a shark, a mano. And then there are arrows that face out—out of your heart, that’s what it represents. I got it back in Hawaii. It took nine hours. It was pretty intense. I didn’t know what to expect, but it hurt like hell.”    


As the smoldering star of the hit series “Criminal Minds,” Moore’s ink remains covered up for the most part, so it’s easy to miss the unique designs on his body. His lion represents bravery and loyalty. The phrase “Carpe Diem” is next to an ink portrait of the faces of Martin Luther King, Jr., Malcolm X and President Obama fused together to make one. A ying and yang symbol are on his leg, along with “Freedom” scrolled across his lower back.  



Team USA superstar goalie Tim Howard nearly broke the Internet with his jaw-dropping performance during this year’s World Cup. Tim set a record for the most saves in a World Cup, including a record-setting 16 saves in the USA v. Belgium match. Aside from making waves in the soccer world, Howard’s tattoos have their own notoriety among tattoo lovers everywhere. A Superman logo, dragon and crucifix are just a few of the designs that decorate his muscular physique. He also has a tattoo of his mother at a young age and his grandfather in a military uniform. On his chest he has a dove that represents peace and the Roman numerals 1979, the year he was born. And we can’t forget that the names of his children, Jacob and Alivia, are inked near his heart.


Gibson freely admits that he is “addicted” to tattoos and got his first tattoo at the tender age of 17. On the inside of his arm, he has cartoon character Popeye with the phrase “All or Nothing” near it. Along with a tribal tattoo that spans the length of his waist, Tyrese has distinctive armband tattoos that give his rock solid body an extra dose of sex appeal! On his left arm is his daughter Shayla’s name, along with her foot and hand prints. Other phrases on his body are “Mama’s Baby Boy,” “Rebel With a Cause” and “I Belong to God.”


This list of hotties with ink would not be complete without rock star Lenny Kravitz! We are always amazed to see Lenny keep himself in such perfect shape. There’s no doubt that his ink compliments his flawless muscle tone! Covering his chest, shoulder and arm is a dragon tattoo that symbolizes supernatural power. On his left forearm are flowers done in bright colors and a black and grey cross on his right arm. A tattoo of his late mother, Roxie Roker, is on his right forearm and on his back he has a the words “My Heart Belongs to Jesus Christ.”

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