The Doctor’s In (Heeeey): Television’s Finest Docs

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They make our hearts skip a beat and leave us gasping for breath. Guess it’s a good thing that these hotties has some live saving skills. As summer chugs along and we enjoy the homestretch of some hot, sweaty days, we take a look at television doctors who keep it steamy in our favorite fictional hospitals.

Jesse Williams: Dr. Jackson Avery

Jesse Williams had quite a task in front of him when he joined the ranks of “Grey’s Anatomy.” The hit show has set the standard in hot doctors, so being the new kid in town was certainly not easy. But the minute we were introduced to Dr. Jackson Avery back in 2009, we knew he’d be just fine. With those piercing eyes, lovable disposition and razor-sharp intellect, Dr. Avery quickly established himself as one of Seattle Grace’s hottest residents.

Taye Diggs: Dr. Sam Bennett

Is there a role that Taye Diggs can’t make sexy? Yeah, that’s what we thought. So it was a no-brainer that we included him on our list of hot docs for his turn as Dr. Sam Bennett on “Private Practice.”

Hugh Laurie: Dr. Gregory House

Sure, he’s not exactly the first name that comes to mind when we think of hot doctors, but there is no denying that Hugh Laurie’s portrayal of ball-busting, sarcastic Dr. Gregory House made us a little weak in the knees. Sure, he had a mean streak to him, but his intellect, wit and ability to show genuine empathy toward the patients who needed it most made Dr. House one of our favorites.

Omar Epps: Dr. Eric Foreman

Though Dr. House stole the show in his namesake television series, it was Omar Epps’ portrayal of neurologist Dr. Eric Foreman that really got us a little hot under the collar. I mean, who are we kidding, there is rarely an instance when Epps isn’t drop-dead gorgeous, but watching him save lives while rocking the hell out of a white lab coat and scrubs took it to a whole new level.

Patrick Dempsey: Dr. Derek Shepherd

The man who started a decade-long tradition of hotness at Seattle Grace, Dr. Derek Shepherd is one of the most attractive television doctors to ever take the screen. Played by the stunning Patrick Dempsey, in all his lusciously full hair glory, Dr. Shepherd’s heart of gold lit up the screen and made us instantly fall for him.

George Clooney: Dr. Doug Ross

Can’t mess with the original. George Clooney’s stint as Dr. Doug Ross on “ER” made hotness in television medicine a must-have for any primetime series. Even more than 10 years after his debut at County General Hospital, Dr. Ross continues to be one of the best-looking docs to ever twirl a scalpel in television.

Denzel Washington: Dr. Phillip Chandler

Nothing screams the 1980s quite like “St. Elsewhere.” Set at the fictional St. Eligius, “St. Elsewhere” chronicled the lives of a group of teaching doctors in Boston’s South End neighborhood. And while more than a few of the physicians to darken the St. Eligius door were hit with the attractive stick, no one struck us quite as much as a young, sexy Denzel Washington. Playing Dr. Phillip Chandler, Washington lit up the screen with his distinctive mix of charisma and sex appeal. Definitely a sign of years of hotness ahead of him.

Justin Chambers: Dr. Alex Karev

Gotta love the (sort of) bad boy. While Seattle Grace has been filled with its share of do-gooders, it has also seen its share of lovable a-holes. Sexiest among them: Dr. Alex Karev. Though first introduced as a smart alley with a God complex and a penchant for annoying the ladies, Justin Chamber’s Dr. Karev quickly won over viewers with his secretive heart of gold. And his good looks don’t exactly hurt either.

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