4 Things I Did to Aggressively Eliminate $40K Of Student Loan Debt in 2 Years

August 4, 2014  |  



In total, I had $65K worth of student loan debt between my three degrees (one undergraduate and two Masters’). I, however, was able to eliminate $40K of my student loan in two years, the total cost of my last Master’s.

Here are four things that I did that I know that will help you divorce yourself from student loan debt.

I paid rent to my mother. Since getting out of debt was serious to me, I moved home. I paid rent, but not at the crazy rate that New Yorkers have to. (My mom and I have a great relationship, but this move may not be for everyone.) So, if you are living alone, consider getting a roommate, or renting a room for a while until you make a real dent in the balance.

I had all types of side hustles. I had an Amazon book business. I worked security at the flea market. I was a Cinderella character and Mickey Mouse character at birthday parties. And I had “yard sales” in my living room.

I used my investments and savings to pay down some of the loan. I mostly identify as a saver, but I started investing consistently ($300 every month) when I was 25. I was 29 when I started at Columbia University. When my $40K debt shrunk to $5,000 or $4,000, I thought it would be okay to dip into my investments and take a couple of thousand to pay off the debt since I understood that I was building long-term wealth and had youth on my side.

I ignored the minimum suggested payment for my loans and used my emotion to decide how much I wanted to pay. I really HATED this loan, especially since I had successfully paid off my undergraduate loan and paid for my first Master’s in cash. I was really obsessed with paying back this loan because I had been living debt free for a while. So, I would keep the phone number of my lender on my phone and call it often to hear my balance. Since I love round numbers, I would say things like, “Since the balance is now $27,850, I want it to be $27,000 the next time I call” and would make a check for $850 and then find a way to pull together the money. There would be some times that I would make two or three payments in a month just because I hated the loan that much.

Getting out of student loan debt is hard but it is doable if you are willing to sacrifice, be creative, and be relentless.

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