I’m Still Here: Celebs Who Survived Suicide Attempts

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When things get dark and someone is filled with despair, suicide may be the only solution one sees at the time. Unfortunately that was once the case for these Hollywood stars, but thankfully these celebs who survived suicide attempts are still here and sharing their talents with the world.

Fantasia Barrino

Singer Fantasia Barrino shot to stardom and fame after winning the third cycle of “American Idol.” But the road got very rocky for the “When I See U” singer after the public found out about her very married boyfriend. Barrino met Antwaun Cook in 2009 and a year later his wife was suing hew husband’s boo for alienation of affection, even though the R&B singer insisted the relationship began after their separation. That same month Barrino tried to kill herself by taking aspirin and sleeping pills. She was hospitalized and the following year she gave birth to Cook’s son.

Halle Berry

Before finding love with her current husband, Halle Berry had a rough time with the opposite sex. On New Year’s Eve in 1992, she married baseball player David Justice but four years later they were squaring off against each other in divorce court. The split was acrimonious and the “Swordfish” star ended up filing a restraining order against the man she once vowed to love forever. Following their split, Berry tried to commit suicide by locking herself in her garage with the car running. Luckily for Berry, she changed her mind before it was too late.

Drew Barrymore

Few child stars have had a childhood like Drew Barrymore. Being born into an acting dynasty, it was only natural for the future “Charlie’s Angels” star to follow in the family business. Barrymore was in front of a camera before she was out of diapers. By the time she was nine, she was smoking cigarettes. By the time she was 11, Barrymore was drinking alcohol and at 12, she was already smoking marijuana. A year later she had graduated to cocaine. A 14-year-old Barrymore went into rehab but after she got out, she tried to commit suicide and was readmitted once again.

Paris Jackson

It’s never an easy thing to lose a parent, especially if you’re a teenager and you only have a relationship with one patent. Paris Jackson had a hard time dealing with Michael Jackson’s death and five years after his death the teenager tried to take her own life. She swallowed 20 Motrin PM pills and slit her wrist with a meat cleaver. Jackson went away for treatment and has been attending a prestigious boarding school in Utah. She has also been spending time with her birth mother Debbie Rowe.

Audra McDonald

Audra McDonald is playing Billie Holiday in the Broadway play “Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar and Grill” for a limited engagement. But while the six-time Tony winner is on top of the world now, things weren’t always so rosy for McDonald. “When I was at Juilliard, I had a suicide attempt. I tried to slit my wrist,” McDonald said to ABC’s “Popcorn with Peter Travers.” “When someone is suicidal, one of the first things you have to do is to protect them from themselves,” she explained. “[Juilliard] had a mental health facilitator there, a therapist there and they checked me into a mental health hospital where I was for a month and got me the help I needed.”

Jack Osbourne

Jack Osbourne and his family starred in the popular MTV reality show that focused on rocker Ozzy and his family but behind the scenes, Jack was reeling from his mother’s cancer diagnosis. He was so distraught, he even attempted to take his own life. In 2002, Jack took a lethal combination of drugs including Valium and Oxycontin. Luckily for him, he was unsuccessful. Ten years later, Jack and his wife welcomed a daughter but the ecstatic feeling was short lived. Several months later, Jack was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Owen Wilson

Actor Owen Wilson has starred in numerous comedy films in his career but behind closed doors, the “You, Me and Dupree” star suffered from depression. In 2007, the 46-year-old blonde-haired actor made headlines after he slit his wrists and was rushed to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Wilson was forced to drop out of Ben Stiller’s upcoming movie “Tropic Thunder.” After receiving treatment for depression and drugs, Wilson’s career picked up right where he left off.

Artie Lange

Comedian Artie Lange has toiled around on the outskirts of Hollywood for years but the former “Mad TV” castmate reached a new level in his career after he joined Howard Stern’s radio show. Despite his new gig, Lange was still on a path of self-destruction and addiction. In 2010, Stern’s famous sidekick tried to commit suicide by stabbing himself in the stomach nine times. His mother found him bleeding out on the floor of his apartment and he was rushed to the hospital. After receiving medical treatment for his physical wounds, Lange was admitted into a rehab facility.

Danny Bonaduce

Actor Danny Bonaduce was a child star who became famous for starring in “The Partridge Family.” After growing up he became a radio personality and a married man but his marriage woes were a part of his reality show “Breaking Bonaduce.” The red-haired star became unhinged when his then wife Gretchen asked for a divorce. He tried to end his life with a cocktail of vodka and Vicodin. After their divorce was finalized in 2007, Bonaduce found love with another woman that same year.

Vanilla Ice

In 1990, rapper Vanilla Ice scored a number one hit with “Ice, Ice Baby” but the struggles of being a one-hit wonder eventually started to get to the white rapper. He began abusing drugs, specifically cocaine, heroin and ecstasy, and in 1994 Ice, real name Robert Van Winkle, decided to take his life via a heroin overdose. Thankfully his friends were around to revive him. Ready to start a new life, he got a tattoo of a leaf on his stomach and left the world of music alone.

Drew Carey

Long before he became a stand up comedian or landed his own sitcom, Drew Carey was battling depression. He was so depressed as a young adult, Carey tried to commit suicide by overdosing on pills at the age of 18. Then he tried again in his 20’s. Carey eventually worked his way out of his depression. “I learned how to believe in myself,” the “Price is Right” host said. “Learned how to set goals, you know, self help books, man. I just read every single one I can get a hold of and I still do. I read that stuff all the time still. I am always coming out bigger, better, stronger and happier.”

Tina Turner

Legendary singer Tina Turner found the courage to leave abusive husband Ike Turner even if it meant that she was sacrificing her career. But before she found the strength to start over, she tried to end it all. In 1968, the “Private Dancer” singer attempted suicide. Turner took over 50 Valium tablets and ended up having her stomach pumped. In 1976, she finally left Ike and gave him the bulk of their money. She was content to leave with her live and the name she had earned.

Ken Griffey, Jr.

Ken Griffey, Jr. played baseball for 22 seasons and in that time, he became one of the most prolific home run hitters ever. But he almost didn’t make it to swing at his first pitch in the big leagues. In 1988, just months after signing a lucrative contract to play professional ball, Griffey took 227 aspirins to escape the insults from fans and the acrimonious relationship he had with his father. His girlfriend’s mother drove him to the hospital and had his stomach pumped. Since his suicide attempt, the former Seattle Mariners star has had a better relationship with his father.

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