Please Don’t Go: Canceled TV Shows We Want Back

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Some television shows just come and go while others leave fans wanting more. These shows were pulled off of the air but we’d like to see them make a comeback.


Funny man Joel McHale played a former hotshot lawyer forced to go back to school in “Community” which followed an eclectic group of classmates led by McHale. For much of its run, the NBC sitcom received acclaim from critics and picked up a cult following but the show was marred with growing tension behind closed doors as well as low ratings. Actor Chevy Chase was unhappy on the show and his character was written off. Donald Glover also left to work on his budding rap career full time. NBC pulled the plug on “Community” last May but fans of the show may still have hope. It was recently reported that Yahoo! Screen swooped in and ordered a sixth season.

“Happy Endings”

“Happy Endings” started off as a mid-season replacement and winded up staying in the line-up. But after the show gained a steady audience, the executives at ABC started to move the show around. The erratic schedule made it hard for viewers to keep up and the ratings suffered in the process. “Happy Endings” ended after three seasons. There was interest in other networks picking up the show but after no takers, the actors were freed from their contracts.


NBC put “Southland” on the chopping block after just one season but the gritty crime drama found a new home on TNT. For four more seasons, fans of “Southland” had a bird’s eye view of life and crime in Los Angeles and the officers who policed it. The show, which starred Regina King and Brian McKenzie, wrapped up its fifth season in 2013 and was cancelled once and for all.


Greg Kinnear was the bumbling yet lovable defense attorney on “Rake” who, despite his best efforts, just couldn’t catch a break. An adaptation of an Australian series of the same name, the show struggled to stay in the line-up from the very beginning. Originally airing on Thursday nights, the show was shuffled to Fridays then moved again to Saturday night. Five months after the show debuted, Fox canned the show.

“CSI: Miami”

A spin-off from the original “CSI” series, the last season of “CSI: Miami” was cut short to make room for a new show “NYC 22.” Both shows were cancelled in mid May of 2012 and fans were robbed of a proper send off.

“Veronica Mars”

It’s highly unlikely “Veronica Mars” will make a comeback on television but it has lived on just for a little while longer on the silver screen. The show only lasted for three seasons but thanks to die-hard fans and even a few of its own stars, “Veronica Mars” was turned into a film after the show’s creators raised funds on Kickstarter. However, the movie barely made noise at the box office bringing in almost $3.5 million.

“Better Off Ted”

“Better Off Ted” was one of those shows that looked good on paper but just couldn’t gain a bigger audience. The show followed a single father working at a soulless corporation. Portia de Rossi served as Ted’s boss and the viewers that tuned in were treated to the type of snarky comedy that was found on “30 Rock” and “Parks & Rec.” A critic’s favorite, “Better Off Ted” was never able to gain an audience greater than six million viewers and ABC cancelled the show after two seasons. However, fans can watch the repeats on Netflix.

“The Comeback”

If there was ever a show that deserved a second chance it’s “The Comeback.” Lisa Kudrow starred as Valeria Cherish, a former sitcom star who was slightly out of touch with reality and her celebrity status and attempting to wage a comeback in television. Despite Kudrow’s superb comedic timing, HBO nixed the show after just one season.

“Arrested Development”

“Arrested Development” single dad Michael Bluth trying to save his corrupt, selfish relatives from losing the family business. Originally airing in 2003, the show only lasted three seasons but die-hard fans just wouldn’t let up. Rumors of a film adaptation floated around for years until Netflix came along and finally saved the day. Last year, the online streaming service released all-new episodes of “Arrested Development” but there are no talks to shoot another season.


“Daria” was perhaps one of the funniest cartoons on MTV. The animated show centered around sarcastic and wise beyond her years teen Daria as she suffered through high school and a home life with out of touch parents and a vain and superficial sister. The character Daria first appeared on “Beavis and Butt-head” and soon she landed her own show. “Daria” lasted for five seasons and episodes of the cartoon air on MTV and MTV2 every now and again.


“Firefly” was a hybrid futuristic space western drama that aired over a decade ago but fans are still holding out hope that the show will fly again. Set in 2517, the show follows a spaceship’s arrival at a new star system and the adventures of the renegade crew onboard. Low ratings gave a good enough reason for the executives at Fox to cancel the show before all of the episodes of season one even aired. However, “Firefly” shot up in sales when it was released on DVD.

“Dead Like Me”

Eighteen-year-old Georgia Lass was killed when a toilet seat from outer space crashed down to earth and “Dead Like Me” followed Lass around as she was recruited to perform the work of a grim reaper while watching her family cope with her sudden loss. The show’s creator left the series after five episodes due to creative differences and “Dead Like Me” lasted on Showtime for two seasons. Several years later a direct-to-DVD film was created with the option to relaunch the series although there have been no plans to bring Lass and the gang back to life.


For a time, it seemed as if “Futurama” had as many lives as a cat. The animated show, which followed a pizza boy who was accidentally cryogenically frozen rise from his slumber a thousand years later, first aired in 1999 and lasted for four seasons. The show lived on in reruns on the Cartoon Network, helping it gain a loyal following. Several direct-to-DVD movies followed and then 20th Century Fox decided to renew the show and air new episodes. “Futurama” lasted another few seasons but in 2013 it was announced that the cartoon was canceled once and for all.

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