What Is That On Your Head? When Terrible Wigs Ruin Good Movies

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Bad hair can ruin a good movie. Well maybe that’s an overstatement but bad hair…or bad wigs, rather, can be so distracting that the sound of your laughter makes it impossible to hear the lines coming out of the actor’s mouths. And in some cases the hair looks so bad in the previews, it just might deter you from seeing the movie altogether. Here are some examples of what I’m talking about.

Shemar Moore in Diary of a Mad Black Woman

In Tyler Perry’s Diary of a Mad Black Woman, longtime eye candy Shemar Moore played Orlando, the blue collar U-Haul driver, who steps in to prove to Kimberly Elise’s character, Helen McCarter, that not all men are low down and dirty. And I guess the most accurate way to illustrate blue collar worker in 2005, was to give a brutha some dusty corn rows and a bandana. Not only was it unnecessary, it was a bit of an eyesore. It’s a miracle Helen even gave him a chance. Thankfully, the movie itself was pretty good.


Tyler Perry in The Family That Preys

I promise this list won’t be comprised of all of Tyler Perry’s movies. But unfortunately, he’s been an egregious offender of terribly bad wigs in his films. And while I loved The Family That Preys, I must admit that the rug they attached to his head when he played Ben, Taraji P. Henson’s husband, is, was and always will be a hot mess. Not only was it bad, it was so thick and long it was just too much of a bad thing.


Jill Scott in Why Did I Get Married?

Ok last TP flick, I promise. Jill Scott was so sweet and so great in the role of Sheila in Why Did I Get Married. But despite her kind demeanor, her husband Mike was still a dog, who just couldn’t seem to remain faithful. He made it seem like her weight was a part of the reason but we’re willing to bet, this terrible wig might have had something to do with it as well. Just saying. Luckily, when Sheila got with Troy, played by Lamman Rucker, she not only lost weight but that horrendous hair style as well. Upgrades all around

Jennifer Hudson in Sex and the City

This is fresh on my mind as I just watched this movie last night. I loved Sex and the City! I experience all the emotions watching it. I laugh, I cry, I beg for more and when Jennifer Hudson’s character, Louise, comes on screen wearing this atrocious hair piece, complete with the part down the middle, I’m baffled and confused. I realize this movie came out in 2008 but surely women, with as much fashion sense as Louise had would not have been caught dead in such a thing. But alas, it was sadly so. Thankfully, after she became Carrie’s assistant she upgraded her tress game.

Samuel L Jackson in Caveman’s Valentine

Despite being bald in his real life, when he’s cast in a movie, people are always trying to give Samuel L Jackson hair. When I was doing research for this piece, people were saying how his fake silver hair piece looked a mess in the movie Jumper. And they’re right. It wasn’t good. But I’m willing to argue that his hair in Jumper pales in comparison to these faux locks he wore in Caveman’s Valentine when he played Romulus back in 2001.

Halle Berry in X-Men Trilogy

With the lack of superheroes being portrayed by people of color, it might not be exactly wise to complain. But come on. With the amount of time and effort spent on startling and well executed special effects, is it too much to ask that we not see the point of application when Storm blows her own hair back with the wind she creates? Check the temple edges. Someone, somewhere once said that Storm’s hair literally looks like something you’d buy at a Halloween costume store. And they were right.

Bruce Willis in Surrogates

Bruce has been bald since the ’90’s. (Shout out to Juicy J.) So I don’t quite know who Touchstone was trying to fool when they gave Bruce this hair with those obnoxious bangs in the 2009 movie Surrogates.

Rob Lowe in Behind the Candelabra

I get it . Many of the character’s in HBO’s Behind the Candelabra were known for being flamboyant and even completely artificial. (Hence the reason why Rob Lowe is looking like he can’t move his face here.) And perhaps Dr. Jack Startz, a plastic surgeon, was so vain he was willing to risk walking around looking like he used Elmer’s for his hair plugs. Let this serve as a cautionary tale that vanity can sometimes have the adverse effect.

Melanie Griffith in Working Girl

Oh how I love Working Girl! If you’ve seen the movie you know that Melanie Griffith’s character, Tess McGill, is a little rough around the edges. But I certainly don’t need to tell you that. One look at the picture to the left and you know what it is. Lol. This hair is nothing short of laughable, even for the late eighties.

Taylor Lautner in Twilight

I was late to the Twilight bandwagon. And though I eventually got into the movies, there were certain parts like Kristen Stewart’s excessive panting and Taylor Lautner’s alarmingly fake looking hair that were just so cheesy. Like many fans, I’m sure,  I was all too happy when they cut it.

Emma Stone in The Help

I know there were plenty people with grievances but The Help was so engrossing that I hardly had time to notice Emma Stone’s hair situation. But in retrospect, it’s not great.

Mary J Blige in Black Nativity

I know several people who simply saw the previews for Black Nativity with Mary J donning this platinum blonde, distressed afro wig and lost all hope in this being a good movie. And still, to this day, haven’t seen it.


What other movies feature some pretty bad hair pieces?

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