“Women, Please Stop Swinging On These Men!”: Columbus Short Says He Never Abused His Wife, It’s The Other Way Around

July 15, 2014  |  

We told you last week that Columbus Short did his first full interview about the drama going on in his life with Access Hollywood, and it was a very interesting chat (some accused Short of being ‘on something’ because of his demeanor). He opened up about having a problem with binge drinking, but says that as far as being abusive to his wife, Tanee, he doesn’t have a problem with that.

“Me and my wife, we’re going through problems. Serious, serious problems. However, the domestic part of it… I’m not a physically violent man…. I’ve never put my hands on a woman, physically, ever, and would not. I was raised by women.”

In a new interview with the Ryan Cameron Morning Show for V-103, Short does say that in the heat of arguments, his wife would become violent–not him. He also spoke about the night he knocked out Felton Hyche III, the man (and uncle of his nephew) who got a little too comfortable with his wife at a bar in LA, if he would return to Scandal, and his bad temper. This time, he kept it all the way real. 

The Drama With His Wife:

“There was a lot of personal stuff going on in the house. The games that were played, and my personal life, ended up being costly and it’s unfortunate. These allegations of me being an abuser? I’ve never put my hands on a woman in my entire life. So it was hard to just sit back and be quiet, but what do you say? It’s like, if you’re accused of rape, no matter what, you’re accused of rape. So sponsorships backs off, ABC backed away. There was a barrage of stories and ABC was trying to hold on as long as they could, but it was like, this is getting bad.”

The Tipping Point:

“There was an article or something that came out that said that I ransacked my house, which is funny because I was in Arizona. So I wake up on Easter in Arizona, I have a house there, and I look on TMZ saying I ransacked my house. This stuff is crazy. So the anxiety got real, the depression was real. So I decided, I don’t go online. I don’t look at it.  If you look at the good, you have to look at the bad, so people would stop telling me. They’d be like, ‘Does he know about that?’ There were so many stories, and it’s just stories. I’ll be honest with you, I’m a hot-headed individual just by nature, especially with men. I’ll never put my hands on a woman. With men, they’ll test you. Where I come from, that’s how I had to defend myself. I’m a chill dude but I don’t play no games. That’s all it is. I don’t play no games.”

If He Blows Up About Little Things:

“I used to, especially in my younger years. Absolutely. I think that’s what attracted me to the role of Little Walter [Cadillac Records] because I got to get that out. But on the real, I’m a chill dude. But this is the thing that I’m realizing about people: You’re cool until you don’t do what they want you to do. I don’t play those games no more.”

That Infamous Bar Fight:

“I had to defend my wife at a bar. This man was being highly disrespectful, slapping her in the face with $20 bills and doing too much. It got to that point where I had to defend myself. It’s crazy man. Yeah, he was knocked out. He was kind of drunk and I was sober so I had my patience about me for about 45 minutes…until he put his arms around me, tried to drag me outside, tried to big boss me and then took his jersey off and came at me. I had to end it. That’s it.

He was slapping my wife in the face, talking about, ‘I don’t make as much money as your man, but I got b***hes who do stuff for me.’ He was on that tip and it was really uncomfortable and people were getting uncomfortable. It started at ‘Aye bruh’ and ended at…it was out of control that night.”

Being Painted As The Bad Guy:

“See, what’s happened in the media is that the media has created this doppleganger of Columbus Short that’s not real. I’ve gotten my wits about me and I think I can handle this thing. It’s BS. I’m not going to let people just think the worst. I”m not perfect either, and I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I let myself down. You gotta remember that this is not just hurting me, it’s hurt my kids. It’s hurting my family. It’s hurt Scandal family. It’s hurt people at ABC. It’s hurt a lot of people. But I believe that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and I believe it’s redemption time. We comin’ back.”

His Response To Being Accused Of Abusing His Wife, And His Accusations That She Abused Him:

“I was raised by women, literally all women. That’s not even in my DNA. I know there’s some men out here that know the situation…Women, please stop swinging on these men! Stop hitting these men because they can’t hit you back. Some dudes are like, ‘Shake a person.’ I don’t even believe in that. If you’re going to shake ’em you might as well hit ’em. We’re stronger vessels. If I had hit my wife, she would not have been talking about it. Where are the pictures? We want pictures!”

If He Would Return To Scandal If Shonda Asked Him To Come Back:

“In a New York minute.”

People Petitioning Shonda Rhimes On Twitter To Bring His Character Back

“That’s just going to make Shonda mad: ‘The more they tweet me, he’ll never be back! Muahahaha! [laughs]’ I just imagine Shonda in her castle looking at her tweets like, ‘Keep tweeting slaves! Keep tweeting! He’ll never be back! He’ll never return [laughs hysterically]!’ Kerry’s the most politically correct human being on earth. Never says anything wrong. I’m like the complete opposite. I’m like the little brother who would say what she wishes she could say…but that gets you in trouble.”

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