15 Things Nobody Tells You About Dealing With Depression

July 16, 2014  |  
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Depression is so much more than feeling a little blue. But because no one likes to talk about the big “D,” a lot of people don’t even realize that their struggle is more than real.

You Will Feel Judged

Mostly because some people still treat depression like it’s not a real disease. Judging someone with depression is no different than judging someone with diabetes. Don’t let their lack of education shame you into not getting help. Not everyone is misinformed.

Your Friends Will Give You Bad Advice

That’s because there’s so much misinformation about how depression really works. No one means any harm when they say “just cheer up” but that’s not really how depression works.

It Physically Hurts

Joint pain, muscle aches and even stabbing sensations in your chest can all be symptoms of depression. And they’re all signs that it could be time to go in for more than a physical checkup.

You Can’t Pray It Away

The best way to tackle depression is to take the first step yourself by chatting with a professional about active steps you can take to feel better.

You Only Think You’re Alone

One of the lies depression tells you is that nobody cares about your struggle. It’s tempting to believe the lie, but if you reach out you’ll find that the world is full of friends, family and organizations that care about you and want to help.

You’ll Think You’re Going Crazy

Depression is a shape-shifting mental disorder; it co-manifests with panic attacks, compulsive thoughts and habits, social phobia, and any number of other issues. Remember that you are not “crazy.” You are sick and you can get better.

Everything Gets On Your Nerves

They’re getting on your nerves, you’re getting on your nerves, this post is getting on your nerves… Irritability is just a part of depression.

Everyday Tasks Feel Overwhelming

Something as simple as making a sandwich can suddenly feel like to many steps for a meal…and now you’re crying.

You Can’t Tell When It’s the Depression Talking

Which thoughts are yours and which thoughts are your depression? Telling the difference between the way things really are and the chemical trickery changing your thoughts is hard without help. But once you do master the difference you’re well on your way to feeling better.

It Will Ruin Your Sleep Schedule

You can’t sleep at night, but your days are full of procrastination naps that make you miss plans and friends, sometimes even work.

You Feel Numb

People associate depression or sadness with the disorder, but sometimes depression is feeling nothing at all. Feeling exhausted or shut off emotionally could be a sign that it’s time to talk to someone.

Depression Is Boring

Life isn’t meant to be one-dimensional. But depression can mean a constant state of boredom that you can only temporarily relieve. Then it’s right back to Boringsville.

Your Dreams Get Crazy

If it’s like “Inception” when you sleep, it could be a sign that you’re moving through to a different stage of depression.

The Mirror Will Become Your Worst Enemy

Depression and low self-esteem go hand in hand. When depression makes you feel bad about the way you look, it can feel better to just look the other way.

Some of Your “Friends” Will Bounce

Struggle lets you know who your true friends are. Consider this particular struggle the blessing that let you trim the fake in your relationships.

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