Women Are Paid How Much? The Wage Gap Issue Comes Back To Bite The White House

July 9, 2014  |  

The wage gap issue is here to once again rear its ugly head at the White House. Back in April, the administration came under fire for all of its talk about closing the wage gap when a gap existed right in its own ranks.

Last week, the issue was back, with the Washington Post reported that male White House staffers were paid 13 percent more than their female counterparts. On average, men took home $88,600 while women pocketed $78,400. The gap is partially attributed to the fact that more men are seated at the upper echelon of the White House strata.

Josh Earnest, the new White House press secretary, says that, upon closer inspection, you’ll see that women hold a number of senior positions and their pay is commensurate with their rank. Also, the White House pointed out that six women were promoted in the past year.

The newspaper points out that when you look at women at every salary level however, it shows that there’s a discrepancy.

“A  key sentence from Goldfarb’s analysis is this: Currently, there are 87 male White House officials who make more than $100,000, compared to 53 female White House officials. The gap narrows, but persists, at the highest echelons of the White House. Among the most senior officials, there are two more men than women,” WaPo says.

Target Point, a conservative think tank, went even further with its criticism, saying that promoted women received — on average — an 18.5 percent salary increase. Promoted men, on the other hand, were given a 24.4 percent raise, Business Insider reports. Women are more likely to get smaller raises. Also, between 2013 and 2014, 46 men advanced to a better-paying position while 41 women were given the same opportunity (which, if you ask me, isn’t a significant difference).

But Alex Lundry, SVP and chief data scientist at Target Point calls “[t]he White House’s hypocrisy on this issue… stunning.”

Press Secretary Earnest expressed his views on the matter: “I wouldn’t hold up the White House as the perfect example here. We still have more work to do at the White House.”

In defense of Obama, though, Earnest added that the White House pay gap is slightly narrower than the national average: “The White House performs significantly better than the private sector.”

On average, women make only 77 cents for every man’s dollar, according to The New York Times. At the White House, that figure is increased to 88 cents for every man’s dollar.

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