What Baby Bump? Celebs Who Hid Their Pregnancies While Filming

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Makeup and really good wardrobe choices aren’t just used on set to make women appear slimmer/younger/taller/of a different ethnicity/you name it. Sometimes, they’re used to cover up the fact that they’re pregnant! Here are 15 celebs who hid their pregnancies while filming and you didn’t even know it.










Jill Scott

Scott was pregnant with her son Jett Roberts during the filming of season one of “No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.” The actress found out she was pregnant on the day she was meant to leave for Botswana to begin filming the show.







Julia Louis-Dreyfus

The “Seinfeld” star was pregnant during the third season of the popular sitcom. She covered her pregnancy up by hiding behind props like pillows.









Alyson Hannigan

We saw Hannigan’s character on “How I Met Your Mother” go through a pregnancy, which coincided with her real-life pregnancy with her second child. But what you didn’t know was that she carried an additional pregnancy, secretly, with her first daughter while filming.

 Naomi Watts

While filming the 2007 movie “Eastern Promises” Watts found out she was expecting her first child—son Sasha Schreiber. Filming did not go on long enough for her belly to begin to show.


Jane Krakowski

Krakowski was pregnant during the filming of season 5 of “30 Rock.” According to the actress, the writers decided not to write her pregnancy into the show since people wouldn’t find her character fit to be a mom.

Claire Danes

While filming the second season of the dramatic series “Homeland” Danes was pregnant with her son Cyrus Dancy. Danes allegedly used a belly double in any scenes in which her belly would be exposed.

Morena Baccarin

There were two expectant mothers on the set of “Homeland”! While filming season 3, Baccarin covered up her pregnancy with some help from props and post-production graphics.

Julia Roberts

You may have noticed Roberts wearing a lot of trench coats in her scenes in “Ocean’s 12” and that’s because during the filming, she was pregnant with her twins Hazel and Phinnaeus Moder.









Leah Remini

During the filming of season six of “King of Queens,” Remini was pregnant with her daughter Sofia. The pregnancy was covered up conveniently by the fact that Remini’s character was unemployed during the season, so she often wore baggy sweatpants.


Courtney Cox

The final season of “Friends” also brought new beginnings for Cox. The actress was pregnant during the filming however, if you’ll recall, the character Monica was supposed to be unable to get pregnant, so the writers covered up Cox’s pregnancy with baggy clothing.


Phylicia Rashād

Everyone’s favorite TV mother from “The Cosby Show” was pregnant during filming of season 3 of the show. Had the writers incorporated that into the show, there would have been a lot of kids in that family! But they didn’t, and the actress was often filmed in bed during the season.


January Jones

In season 5 of “Mad Men,” the usually svelte character Jones plays gains weight in response to all the stress and changes in her life. However, this was written into the script to cover up Jones’ real life pregnancy with son Xander.

Amy Poehler

Poehler’s character on “Parks and Recreation” never appeared to even gain a little weight. However, the actress was pregnant at the end of season 2 of the show and the beginning of season 3. Ironically, her character does become pregnant with triplets several seasons later.


Reese Whitherspoon

While filming the 2004 movie “Vanity Fair” Witherspoon was pregnant with her second child. It was easy to cover up since the clothing for the period piece was naturally billowy and loose over the stomach.


Sarah Jessica Parker

Parker was usually in tiny little outfits when she played Carrie on “Sex and the City” but if you noticed her favoring some airier dresses in season 5, that’s because she was pregnant with her first son, James Wilkie Broderick.

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