Would You Like Fries With That? Celebs Who Used To Work In Fast Food

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These celebrities made a lot of money entertaining masses but before they had millions in the bank, they found employment at a fast food eatery.

Eva Longoria

As the “Desperate Housewives’” Gabby Solis, Eva Longoria played a former model turned homemaker who wouldn’t be caught dead wearing anything off of the racks. But before she headed to Hollywood, Longoria worked for six years at a Wendy’s restaurant in her hometown of Corpus Christi, Texas. She used part of her hard-earned money to pay for her own quinceañara and to help cover some of the cost of cheerleading in high school.

Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah can do it all: rap, sing, act, write, model, you name it. But before she was a rap queen, she was Dana Owens from Newark, NJ. At 15 years old, Queen Latifah got a job working at a local Burger King. And while she was an employee there she did it all from flipping burgers to cleaning the bathroom. Fortunately for Latifah, she signed her first record deal with Tommy Boy Records as a teenager and soon exchanged her uniform and name tag for a microphone and stage.

Gwen Stefani

Who knew that the group No Doubt was formed at a local Dairy Queen in Orange, CA? Gwen Stefani’s older brother Eric started the group with a couple of Dairy Queen workers including bringing in his baby sis Gwen to sing vocals. Before the group hit it big, Stefani left her job at Dairy Queen to man the MAC counter at a department store. After the group became famous, Stefani left No Doubt to pursue a solo career.


The Material Girl was never cut out for a life working behind the counter. Before she became one of the biggest and most iconic pop stars in history with a career spanning more than three decades, Madonna worked at a Dunkin Donuts in New York City. But the “Like A Virgin” singer was fired from the job after squirting jelly on a few customers.

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes was born in Miami but after her parents divorced, she relocated to California with her mother. Like many others, Mendes was a model before she made the transition to acting. But the “We Own the Night” star can also add Hot Dog on a Stick to her résumé. Mendes worked at the Hot Dog on a Stick serving hot dogs and lemonade at Glendale Galleria mall. After starring in a few movies, Mendes landed a pivotal role in “Training Day” opposite Denzel Washington.

Macy Gray

Macy Gray is known for her distinctive raspy voice and even though she wasn’t a fan of how she sounded, it did help her land a record deal in the mid 90’s. Gray also found work as an actress but when she was younger, she also found work at a fast food place. The “Finally Made Me Happy” singer worked at the golden arches before becoming famous and after she did make it, she shot a commercial for her old employer McDonald’s.

Russell Simmons

Russell Simmons co-founded the iconic rap label Def Jam with producer Rick Rubin and became one of the most successful executives in hip-hop before starting his own clothing label. The vegan health nut worked in fast food before he left his imprint on the rap industry after his father got him a job at Orange Julius, a chain of fruit juice beverage stores. Figures Simmons would work at a health conscious chain store instead of McDonald’s or Wendy’s.


Before she was a solo artist, singer Pink tried to make it big with a group. But even before that she was working at a McDonald’s in her hometown. Pink has said she sometimes has nightmares that she’s back home in Doylestown, PA in a hair net behind the McDonald’s counter asking the customers if they’d like to supersize that.

James Franco

After becoming a successful actor, John Franco went back to college because he had dropped out to pursue a career in Hollywood. Back then, to support himself, Franco was hired at a McDonald’s and while working at the fast food eatery, Franco presented himself as talented thespian who could play any role. The “Pineapple Express” star would try out different accents on female customers while working the drive-thru window. His first paid gig was a television commercial for Pizza Hut.

Sharon Stone

Like many other models, Sharon Stone dreamed of becoming an actress. She had traveled to Europe after signing with a modeling agency and was just starting to find regular work, when she suddenly packed her bags and moved to New York. But before she was even a model, Stone was back home in Pennsylvania working behind the counter at McDonald’s. Her appearance in the 1990 film Total Recall helped put Stone on the map.

Brad Pitt

Who knew that he would go from wearing a chicken costume to becoming one of the highest paid and most sought after actors in Hollywood? Back in the day when he was a starving artist looking for employment, the “World War Z” star found work at a El Pollo Loco in Los Angeles, CA. Pitt wasn’t hired to work the counter or man the fry station. Instead, he donned the chicken costume and enticed customers to come into the eatery.

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams spent some time in her home country of Canada as an actress before crossing the border and joining the ranks of Hollywood. In 2004, the former McDonald’s employee would find herself in not one ,but two movies, “Mean Girls” and “The Notebook.” But before she became an actress, she worked at McDonald’s for three years with a couple other family members. “My sister and brother worked there. My sister was my manager,” McAdams revealed in an interview with “Glamour” magazine.


Seal tried his hand at working in the fast food world but he barely made it two weeks. Before the “Kiss From A Rose” crooner was serenading women and dating one beautiful model and the other one, he was a McDonald’s employee. But he certainly wasn’t the best one. Seal was employed long enough to earn one check before deciding that he needed to look for work in another field.

Fred Durst

Fred Durst always believed in himself and his musical abilities and knew he’d make it in the music industry one day. To support himself in the meantime, the North Carolina native mowed lawns and worked as a tattoo artist. The frontman for Limp Bizkit also worked the morning shifts at a McDonald’s. Blending rock and hip-hop Limp Bizkit developed a huge underground following before its mainstream success.

Andie MacDowell

Andie MacDowell was on a trip visiting L.A. when she was discovered by a modeling scout. Soon she was appearing in ads for Anne Klein, Yves Saint Laurent and Armani perfume but it was her Calvin Klein billboards splattered all over Times Square in New York that led to her film debut with “Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes.” But before she was a model turned actress, MacDowell was a fast food employee juggling two jobs at McDonald’s and Pizza Hut to help pay the bills.

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