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Beauty and business sense are a powerful combination when it comes to show biz and apparently, Nia Long was blessed with both. We were able to catch up with the brown-eyed beauty for an intimate chat to discuss her new partnership with Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Lustre, how she balances motherhood with her career and getting to a place of friendship with her ex-fiancé to provide the best co-parenting scenario for her older son, Massai.

“Put the child first,” Nia calmly advised. “The child always, always comes first. And agree to disagree on certain things. If you set an example, your child will understand the value in every relationship. It doesn’t have to necessarily be a marriage or someone you spend the rest of your life with.”

Of course, this is certainly easier said than done, but Massai knowing that his parents did all that they could to create a stable life for him—including putting their differences aside and forming a friendship—seems to make it all worthwhile for the “Divide” actress.

“I know one thing that my boy Massai will be able to say is, ‘Yeah, my mom and dad may have had their differences, but they liked each other.’ He may not be able to articulate that at this time, but I believe when he is an adult, he will say, ‘Yeah, they had their moments, but they were cool.’ His dad comes over to dinner. He’s still a part of my family. It may not be traditional, I may not have had seven marriages [like Elizabeth Taylor], but you have to do what works. Not what other people think works for you. Just be liberated. What are we tied down to? We tie ourselves down.”

Speaking of motherhood, we’re still amazed at how Nia does it all. She is currently raising two young boys, preparing for the debut of her new WE tv series, “The Divide,” and promoting the fragrance. But when we asked about the secrets behind her impressive balancing act, the 43-year-old bombshell didn’t have a fancy mantra to offer.

“You tend to the things that require your immediate attention and then you do one thing at a time,” she simply stated.

In fact, mid-interview, a minor crisis involving her 2-year-old son, Kez, was resolved.

“Last night we were having appetizers. My mother called and I hear my baby screaming in the background. I’m like, ‘Oh my God what’s the matter?’ and she’s like ‘Oh, he’s coughing a lot.’ And I’m like ‘Okay, well just don’t let him run around.’ You know, he’s my sensitive one. Then I get a call around four in the morning, ‘Oh, his temperature is really, really high. So I’ve been up since four, he’s fine. But that’s part of my life and I can’t deny any of that.”

Thankfully, during our interview, she received an update that baby Kez was doing much better.

 “I just got an update– no temp, no runny nose,” her publicist interjected.

“So you just go with the flow, it takes a village. I just do the best that I can do and I don’t try to be superwoman,” said a smiling Nia.

“I just try to stay honest and grounded and I think motherhood helps a lot with that. You’ll get such a different perspective. First you’ll be like, ‘Oh, this is who I am now?’ You just improve greatly because you know now that it’s not just you for you, but it’s for this other little person who watches everything you do […] They’re a direct reflection of the best part of ourselves.”

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