Everything We Learned About Paula and Robin from “Get Her Back”

June 30, 2014  |  
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The “Get Her Back” video just dropped and we’ve spent all week going over the evidence. Our conclusion? We could be watching the most epic breakup of all time. Paula’s gone, Robin’s going crazy and this video spills so much tea you’re going to need a towel.

There Was An Incident

Paula told People magazine,

“We will always love each other and be best friends, however, we have mutually decided to separate at this time”

These two have been acting like they drifted apart. But there’s nothing “mutually decided to separate” about those scratch marks on Robin’s face.

We Can All Stop Guessing

Neither have come out and said it, but these “texts” from Robin are enough clues for us to connect the dots.

Robin probably cheated and we’re going to consider this his confession.

The VMAs Had Something to Do With It

We don’t know exactly when Robin cheated, but we’re going to go ahead and add The Infamous Butt Grab and Twerk-Gate to the list of embarrassing husband behavior that Paula just couldn’t take anymore.

This Has Been A Long Time Coming

Sounds like Robin has been a bit of a habitual line stepper.

Maybe Fame Changed Robin

He wouldn’t be the only man in Hollywood to fall into the groupie trap.

Whatever He Did, Robin Is Sorry

If that’s not the face of regret, we don’t know what is.

He’s Literally Coming Apart

Have you ever had your heart broken so badly your pixels just wouldn’t stay together?

Robin Wasn’t Meant to Live Alone

He sounds like he’s having a hard time out on the single-man streets.

He Was Shut Out In More Ways Than One

And it is literally driving him insane.

Paula Is 100% Done

If this is your wife’s reaction to your public apology, it’s always a bad sign.

Robin Is Still Rocking the Ring

So divorce isn’t on the table yet — at least not an uncontested one.

These Two Had An Epic Romance

They met when they were teenagers. And now one of Hollywood’s true love stories is falling apart. Thanks a lot Robin.

Robin Has No Idea How to Get A Woman Back

We may understand Robin’s struggle, but it’s harder to understand his methods.

Robin spends half of the video getting felt-up by a Paula look-alike.

We’re not relationship experts, but that feels like the opposite of the way to win her back.

His Next Album Will Be About Her

It’s called “Paula”, it’s out in July, and we hope it’s got some better ideas on how to win Paula back.

There’s So Much More to Come

Maybe after the “Paula” album and the “Paula” tour, the real Paula will have a change of heart? We’re rooting for your Robin, but we’re not sure it’s going to happen.

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