Stepmom Of Missing Boy Found In Father’s Basement Arrested For Probation Violation; Other Kids Removed From Home

June 27, 2014  |  

We told you about the really crazy story of Charlie Bothuell V, a 12-year-old who was reported missing early this month, only to be found alive, barricaded in the basement of his father’s home. And to make matters more crazy, the boy’s father, Charlie Bothuell IV, was informed that his son was found in the house, while making an appearance on Nancy Grace to get the word out about young Charlie’s disappearance. The father’s reaction to the news has people on the fence about whether or not he was genuinely shocked, or if he was trying to get us to fall for the okie doke.

But as of right now, it’s the stepmother, not Mr. Bothuell, who seems to be in trouble, but for her penchant for carrying around concealed guns without a permit. Monique Dillard-Bothuell was arrested on a probation violation yesterday, as she was found to be illegally carrying a concealed firearm when police searched the Bothuell home on a search warrant this week, this according to the Detroit Free Press. Dillard-Bothuell initially found herself in legal trouble in 2013 for purchasing a pistol without a permit, and carrying that firearm concealed. She pleaded guilty to the purchase of the pistol without a permit, and received two years probation. 

As for little Charlie Bothuell V, after being evaluated and spending a night in the hospital, he is with his mother, who also lives in Detroit. As for the elder Charlie, despite his previous visibility in the media (aka, the Nancy Grace mess, and that tearful scene in front of his home after the fact), he is now failing to respond to media for comments on all the scrutiny of him and his family at this point, according to MLive. And according to reports, the 4-year-old and 10-month-old children of the Bothuells have been taken into the custody of Child Protective Services while investigations on this whole situation are being done.

According to new developments, young Charlie was found in the basement of his father’s home with containers of cereal and soda bottles around him. Police told USA Today, “it was somewhat staged, but … you could tell he was there for a short while.” They believe he was in another location during the previous searches of the home, otherwise, he would have been found before Wednesday. It is also being reported that police are trying to investigate whether or not young Charlie was abused. Blood was found on his clothes in the house, but they’re trying to figure out whether or not it is his own and where it came from. And a source claims police are also trying to figure out whether or not a pipe found in the home was used to discipline the 12-year-old.

The elder Bothuell previously said that his son went missing on June 14 around 9 p.m. after having a tiff with his stepmother over chores. He claimed that the young boy, who he also says was having issues in school (and was reportedly told he could possibly be put in military school) didn’t return after that.

The elder Bothuell was not allowed to see his son after that now infamous Nancy Grace interview. And surprisingly, despite her initial reaction to his emotions on her show, Grace told CNN’s New Day that she doesn’t think the father is involved in any scheme, as he seemed convincing.  She’s not so sure about the stepmother though: “You know what? I believe him. Maybe I’m crazy, but I believe the father.”

Oh, and as for that polygraph test Mr. Bothuell decided to take to clear his name (and that his wife declined to take), his results came back “inconclusive.” But Bothuell’s attorney, Mark Magidson, maintains that his clients (including Mrs. Dillard-Bothuell)  had no parts in anything sinister:

“My client, Mr. Bothuell and his wife, had no participation in this. They would have not brought this entire media circus, … FBI, all of this – for what purpose? For what gain?” 





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