Care To Explain? Father Finds Out On Live TV That His Missing Child Was Found…In His Own Basement

June 26, 2014  |  

Things got really real during an episode of Nancy Grace’s show on HLN last night. Charlie Bothuell IV was a guest on the show, and appeared to try and get the word about his 12-year-old son. According to the Associated Press, young Charlie Bothuell V had supposedly been missing for more than a week and police were searching high and low for the child.

So imagine the father’s surprise when Nancy Grace told him that she received word that the 12-year-old boy had turned up, and was found, out of all places, in the father’s own home, while the show was airing. Grace’s first reaction seemed to be one of major suspicion: “I don’t know why you guys would have reported him missing. All our viewers have been on the lookout for him.” As for Bothuell, his response was one filled with hyperventilation and complete shock.

Police reportedly found the child after issuing a search warrant to Bothuell’s wife, young Charlie’s stepmother. They had been in the home just last week, and with dogs too, but didn’t find the child. They may have wanted to search again (thus getting the search warrant) after police reportedly found blood in the home and a PVC pipe that could have been used on the child. The AP says that when found, the child appeared to be hiding in the basement. He was barricaded behind boxes and a huge plastic drum at the time, but bedding was found nearby. Police say that they don’t believe he created that barricade on his own.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig said that the child seemed excited to be found by police: “He was nervous, but excited. He indicated he was hungry. He appeared fine.”

Someone who didn’t appear fine though was the elder Charlie Bothuell. As he was grilled by Grace, asked if he even bothered to check his basement before running on national TV, he seemed in complete shock, telling her that they checked everywhere. Mr. Bothuell started crying  in front of reporters when he went home later that evening.

“I’m shocked. I looked. The Detroit police looked. The FBI looked. To imply that I knew my son was in the basement is absurd.”

The super suspicious thing about this story is that the father decided to take a polygraph test about the child’s disappearance, however, as for the stepmother, she declined to do so. She claimed to be exhausted from all that occurred yesterday. The child was kept with police overnight and will undergo medical evaluation today.

Police reportedly said that so much work went into finding young Charlie that if they find out the child was purposely kept in the basement, they plan to “throw the book” at whoever would be responsible for that, whether it’s Mr. Bothuell, his wife, or the both of them.

Don’t know what to think about this, but a fishy smell is permeating from this whole story. Were they both in on a scheme? And if so, why would someone lie about something like this? For attention? But then again, if they did lie, they wouldn’t be the first people to do so for the gaze of the public (remember the Balloon Boy story?). But check out the weird interaction between the elder Bothuell and Nancy Grace below, as well as the news video of the father breaking down when he returned to his home.

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