Change We All Can Believe In: Celebs Who Tip Well

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Some stars have a reputation of being a tight wad when it comes to money even though they have more than enough of it. But these stars are quite to opposite and don’t mind sharing the wealth when it comes to leaving a tip. Check out this list of celebs who tip well… very well.

Jay Z

Jay Z has 99 problems but money certainly isn’t one. After the Brooklyn rapper teamed up with his mentee Kanye West for their collaborative “Watch The Throne” album, Hov went all out during the party thrown to celebrate its release. Jay Z ordered a quarter of a million dollars worth of champagne and when it came time to pay for the bill, he didn’t bat an eye dropping an extra $50,000 for the wait staff.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is country’s darling and can do no wrong to most. During an evening out to eat with some pals including singer Ed Sheenan, Swift heard the head chef’s autistic son was a fan of her music. In addition to leaving a $500 tip at the Italian restaurant in Philadelphia, the “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” singer also left a pair of tickets to see her in concert.

President Obama

The Republicans have thrown mud on President Barack Obama and have called him many names even before he stepped foot in office but there is one thing they can’t call him: cheap. While on the campaign trail, the leader of the free world left $20 when he went to pay for his $2 beer. Although it’s a relatively small amount compared to what other stars have left, that is a 900% tip and some change we all can believe in.


Pop diva Rihanna is no stranger to making headlines. But what she did at the Laugh Factory comedy club last year had her back in the spotlight for a good reason. After racking up an $80 tab, the “Pour It Up” singer asked her waiter what was the biggest tip he’s ever gotten. After he replied, “$100,” Rihanna gave him two crisp one hundred dollar bills and exclaimed, “Now I’m your biggest tip.”

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore started in the entertainment business at a very young age. Although she had a tumultuous childhood complete with drugs and rehab, the “Charlie’s Angels” star has turned her life around and has settled down as a wife and mother. Instead of being known for her troubled past, she’s now known around town as being a very generous tipper who frequently pays double the amount of the bill.

The Game

Jay Z isn’t the only rapper who can tip with the best of them. The Game has made it his mission to help those less fortunate than others and that even includes waiters. While dining at The Capitale Grove, the California rapper, who shares everything he does on Instagram, decided to let his followers know that he’s a big tipper. The Game posted a photo of the waiter holding a $6000 tip but his server admitted that after the photo was taken, The Game took most of the money back and left him with $250. Guess his pockets aren’t as deep as Hov’s.

Johnny Depp

You can call him weird or eccentric but one thing you cannot call Johnny Depp is a bad tipper. The “Pirates of the Caribbean” star has been known to leave much more than the suggested 15-20%. Dining at his regular steakhouse in Chicago, one night Johnny racked up a $4400 tab and before he left for the night, Depp dropped an extra $4000 for the tip. This is nothing new for the 52-year-old actor. He’s been known to leave thousands of dollars for his servers.

David Beckham

David Beckham recently announced his retirement but back when he was still playing and kicking it like Beckham, the soccer superstar went out in L.A. one night to celebrate a win over Manchester. In a great mood, he left $1000 for his $100 tab and his waiter walked away with a $900 tip feeling great, too.

Brad Pitt

Last year for her birthday, Angelina Jolie’s partner Brad Pitt took her out for a night of fine dining while in Germany but it was the workers there who walked away with a gift. The meal must’ve been delicious because the bill totaled more than $1000. The “World War Z” star picked a random number to leave for the waitress: $1846. She was so over the moon with the extra dough that she shared it with the 15 other workers on the wait staff.

Drew Carey

Drew Carey has enjoyed a successful career in the entertainment world and the comedian/actor has no problem paying it forward. Known as a legendary tipper around Hollywood, waiters clamor to serve Carey’s table when he comes into a restaurant. Even if his bill comes to $20, he’ll leave an extra $50-$100 on the table. And during the 2008 writer’s strike, the “Price Is Right” host left open tabs at various L.A.-area diners and any writer that showed his or her WGA card would eat for free.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson may be known as a singer but behind closed doors, the pop star has amassed a fortune from her handbag and shoe collections. Simpson dined with a few friends at a Manhattan eatery and when the bill came to the table, the former reality show star picked up the tab. Paying for the $500 bill, Simpson left $300 for the waitress with a note saying she was amazing and made the world a better place.

Russell Crowe

While on location in Pembrokeshire, Wales filming the 2010 Robin Hood, actor Russell Crowe decided to blow off some steam and head to a local hangout spot one night. While at the bar, the Aussie left a $1000 for the staff but they were in for another surprise. Crowe hung out with the workers and even performed a few songs for the crowd.

Hulk Hogan

What are you going to do when the Hulkster comes into your restaurant? Give the world famous wrestler great service and expect a nice tip in return. While going out for a bite to eat in South Florida, the blonde-haired, bandana-rocking Hogan left $80 for a $120 tab. Proving that he’s generous and down to earth, he also took time out to take pictures and sign autographs for the other patrons that were dining in the restaurant that night.

Charlie Sheen

As one of the highest-paid actors on television, Charlie Sheen certainly has enough money to share. And during his daughter’s sweet sixteen party, Hollywood’s most infamous bad boy did just that. After the event wrapped up, Sheen was so happy with how it turned out that he gave everyone who worked that night an extra $200 each.

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