No Take-Backs: Cringeworthy Tweets We Haven’t Forgotten

June 25, 2014  |  
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In the world of social media, celebrities have a tendency to post things, regret them, and subsequently delete them. We’ve seen it happen on Instagram and Facebook quite often, but no social media platform has seen more deleted content than Twitter has. And unfortunately for celebs, although tweets can be deleted, they can’t necessarily be forgotten.

Jaden Smith’s Anti-Education Tweet

We’re not quite sure who made a 15-year old boy the authority on education, but okay…

Cee-Lo Green’s Homophobic Tweet

Cee-Lo slipped up big time when he called his critics gay and suggested his masculinity had offended them.

Harsh words from a man who’s worn a full-length leather dress in public.

Mary J. Blige’s (Un)Intelligent Tweet

Mary J. thought she’d dead the people who’ve hated on her “intelligents” but unknowingly ended up giving them even more to hate on.

Rob Kardashian’s Anti-Rita Tweet

Rob let everyone know exactly why he and Rita Ora broke up before coming to his senses and deleting this string of tweets:

Geraldo Rivera’s Naked Selfie Tweet

Geraldo knew he was wrong for this one…

Spike Lee’s Negligent Tweet

In the wake of George Zimmerman’s acquittal, Spike Lee tweeted what he thought was Zimmerman’s address and was subsequently sued for negligence by the elderly couple whose address it actually was. #Fail

Bow Wow’s Drunk Driving Tweet

It takes a special kind of stupid to drive drunk and tweet about it.

Oprah’s Nielsen Violation Tweet

Oprah thought she’d drum up some more viewership for OWN network by sending this tweet. But had to delete it after getting in trouble with Nielsen for violating its rules. Namely, no scamming!

Katy Perry’s No Makeup Tweet

Katy’s then husband Russell Brand posted this pic of her looking a hot a** mess before it was quickly deleted – by Katy, we assume.

Rihanna’s Comeback Tweet

Rihanna has become notorious for her comeback tweets to fans, followers and even other celebrities. But in 2012, this comeback tweet directed at Joan Rivers, who had criticized Rihanna for confessing her love for Chris Brown, was quickly deleted for being insulting to the elderly. We’re more mad at Joan’s comments though.

Kanye West’s I-Hate-Jimmy-Kimmel Tweet

Kanye’s had more than a few breakdowns on Twitter, but this over-the-top attack on Jimmy Kimmel (which was eventually deleted) is one of his strangest – and most memorable.

Alec Baldwin’s Threatening Tweet

Alec Baldwin has never been a fan of the media, but he took things to a new low – even for him – when he tweeted this in response to a reporter who claimed to have spotted his wife, Hilaria, tweeting at James Gandolfini’s funeral.

Asher Roth’s Racist Tweet

Rapper Asher Roth made a whole lot of enemies when he posted this tweet that he later deleted and apologized for.

Anthony Weiner’s Wiener Tweet

Anthony’s tweeted wiener proved to be one of the biggest scandals of 2011. We doubt we’ll ever forget this one.

Ashton Kutcher’s Insensitive Tweet

We’re not sure what Ashton was thinking when he posted this tweet defending former Penn State coach Joe Paterno who in 2011 was accused of aiding in the covering up of child abuse.

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