Doing The Most: Celebrities With Insanely Ridiculous Demands

June 26, 2014  |  
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Sometimes even stars can take themselves a little too seriously and request the oddest things in exchange for making an appearance or scheduled performance at an event. Check out some of these celebrities with insanely ridiculous demands.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey made her musical debut almost two and a half decades ago. Since then she’s sold over 200 million albums worldwide and is one of the best-selling artists of all time. That’s why the “Butterfly” singer had no qualms about her over-the-top demands. Before appearing on a talk show, Carey demanded a “staircase assistant” to help her navigate the steps and a $1,700 bottle of champagne. A recent concert rider revealed a request for a three-seat couch that should be a plain color, no busy patterns; eight tall, leafy plants; two vases of white roses; and a private bathroom.

Kanye West

There’s no denying Kanye West’s star power and even he knows it. The Chicago uber producer/rapper has made some peculiar demands that haven’t quite been matched. In exchange for giving a speech at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, the “All of the Lights” rapper requested that all of the labels be removed from the water bottles he would be drinking from. And when he went on BBC’s “Later with Jools Holland,” West demanded that the carpet be ironed and everything in his dressing room needed to be white, including flowers and the drapes.

Nicki Minaj

Her rise to stardom didn’t take very long. Nicki Minaj went from a virtually unknown rapper to selling millions of albums and sitting at the table as a judge on “American Idol” in just a few years. Some of her diva-like behavior was displayed on the reality singing competition show so it’s not a shocker that the “Super Bass” rapper would have ridiculous demands. Her tour rider included two dozen white or pink roses as well as candles that smelled like baked goods. Minaj was also infamously late for a performance in Scotland because the grass around her dressing room was too long for her to walk across.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez started off as a dancer before launching a singing career and then pursuing a career in acting. Even though she’s an international superstar, not everyone will meet her outlandish demands. Last year, India tapped the “I Love You Papi” singer to perform during the opening ceremony of a cricket ceremony in front of 60 million fans. Lopez demanded a private plane and several hotel rooms to accommodate her gaggle of stylists, assistants and a personal chef. She wound up losing the gig. And in 2001, the “American Idol” judge showed up to a U.K. interview with a 90-person entourage and demanded nine dressing rooms.


When you roll with a 200-plus entourage complete with 30 bodyguards, a yoga instructor, acupuncturist and a couple personal chefs as part of your world tour, there’s bound to be some insane requests. That was exactly the case with Madonna and her 2012 MDNA tour. Madonna required all furniture be removed from the rooms and replaced with her own pieces that she has shipped in, 20 international phone lines in the room as well as special white and pink roses that must have the stems cut to six inches. And if you think the “Like A Virgin” singer will be housed in just any room, think again. She demanded special fabric for her room.


Pulling off a world tour is no easy feat. An artist must be able to relax backstage in order to give fans their all and with her Mrs. Carter World Tour, Beyonce was no exception with diva-like demands. Her rider insisted that all workers must wear 100% cotton clothes, alkaline water should be chilled to 21 degrees and served with $900 titanium straws, bathrooms outfitted with new toilet seats and red toilet paper and hand-carved ice balls must be available after every performance to cool her throat. This doesn’t top the demands Bey made for her epic Super Bowl performance that included a million dollar nursery for Blue Ivy and $6000 worth of imported cigars and champagne for her husband. But luckily those demands turned out to be false.

Jay Z

Beyonce isn’t the only diva in the Carter household. While on the road as part of his Magna Carta tour last year, Jay Z requested a flashy limousine filled with champagne to escort him and two banquet tables waiting for him before performing in the U.K. But that was nothing compared to the “Tom Ford” rapper’s travel requests. Ever the sports nut, Hov regularly insists on flying private on a plane equipped with DirecTV so he can watch his favorite teams play even when he’s 30,000 feet in the air.

Lady Gaga

Throughout her career, Lady Gaga has always motivated her fans to never be ashamed to be themselves, no matter how strange others perceived them to be. But who knew behind closed doors, Mother Monster would have strange requests herself. The rider for her Monster Tour included her dressing room be decked out with silver satin sheets and posters of David Bowie, Queen and Elton John amid the white leather couches, yellow, lavender or white roses and a steamer. Oh, and let’s not forget the full life-sized doll with pink puffy hair and pink pubic hair to match.

Justin Bieber

Barely out of his teenaged years and into his 20’s, pop star Justin Bieber went from a baby-faced singer to a tattooed young man before our eyes. But he has already mastered the art of ridiculous demands. In addition to herbal tea, deli meats, veggies, Swedish Fish, and Ritz Bits (in both cheese and peanut butter varieties), Biebs was adamant about not having Selena Gomez music playing around him. But perhaps the oddest request of all is there is absolutely no speaking directly to the “Baby” singer.

Selena Gomez

Who knew that former Disney princess Selena Gomez had some weird requests following a break up with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber? Word leaked out that during the shooting of her March 2014 Adidas Neo commercial, Gomez was experiencing some serious heartache. So much so that she demanded having comfort food in the form of Taco Bell and Wendy’s on the set at all times. And she banned the name “Justin” on the set and since it’s such a common name, a few workers had to be temporarily called something else.

Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has one powerful voice and sometimes she has powerful demands in her rider as well. Flintstone vitamins, soy cheese and Oreo cookies have been regular requests but one that sticks out is the demand for a police escort. Yes, that’s right. The former mentor for “The Voice” prefers to have a police escort to and from events to avoid any potential traffic that she may encounter because who wants to wait for a red light to turn green?

Katy Perry

She kissed a girl and she liked it. Katy Perry also has very specific demands for her rider. Her suite must include two-cream colored egg chairs, one with a footstool. And who could be bothered with opening a refrigerator to see what’s inside? Perry also insists on having a fridge with a glass door. And while she likes flowers, she is opposed to carnations and demands in capital letters that the flower be banned from her presence.


Rihanna continues to prove that she’s not your average run of the mill superstar. While others request to have a dressing room decked out completely in white, the “We Found Love” singer does the exact opposite. Instead, the Bajan beauty requests black or blue drapes with icy blue chiffon draped nicely on top and a plush, animal print throw rug. Also a must-have are six Archipelago Black Forest candles and four small, clear, square vases with white tulips and one clear vase with sterling lavender roses.

Jennifer Aniston

She may have made a name for herself as one of America’s most lovable “Friends,” but Jennifer Aniston was anything but friendly while on the set of the film Life of Crime. Shooting out in Connecticut, Aniston refused to eat with the rest of the cast and crew. She also had her own luxury SUV, which isn’t uncommon. But what was peculiar was having her own private trailer placed miles away from the set. Guess that’s why she needed to have her own SUV on hand.

Barbra Streisand

Barbra Streisand has had an illustrious career that’s spanned over five decades. Perhaps that’s why Babs can get away with asking for absurd rider requests. The native New Yorker demands to have a police K-9 team thoroughly sweep arenas before she performs, metal detectors at all doors, 10 torchiere style floor lamps, 150 folding chairs and neatly dressed show security personnel. And just in case you’re wondering just how the personnel should be dressed, Streisand is not a fan of t-shirts: “No T-shirts at all please.”

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