Floyd Mayweather Says, “If A Female Shows Half Of Her Body, She’s Asking To Be Disrespected”

June 23, 2014  |  

In case you missed it, quite the conversation was had more than a week ago on Floyd Mayweather’s Instagram page. It didn’t have anything to do with his past relationship drama with Shantel Jackson, or issues with T.I. or Nelly. The boxing champ actually decided to give women on his page advice they didn’t ask for on dressing like a lady and how when you dress scantily clad, you are “asking” to be disrespected. It isn’t something we haven’t heard before, but Mayweather decided that it was important enough to speak on again, saying “Dress how you want to be addressed.”:

Anybody else loathe when men use the word “female” like that? Anywho, the response to Mayweather’s statements were very mixed.

“The way you dress has nothing to do with the amount of respect you get. Everyone deserves respect.”

“Love it! Dress codes are out of hand I walk into a happy spot and I feel over dressed ladies come in strip club ready.”

“This is bulls**t. Everyone deserves respect, no matter what they wear. Instead of telling women to not dress a certain way, you should be teaching boys not to sexualize every girl they see.”

“Bit ironic a woman beater talking about how women should be treated..”

But one person who agrees with what he had to say, or would at least acknowledge a possible good point, is Wendy Williams. If you’ll recall, she was very vocal about her disdain for Rihanna’s CFDA awards ensemble, which was pretty much see-through, so it’s not a jaw-dropping shocker that she might agree. On her show she said that Mayweather’s statement applies to not only women, but men too:

“He has a daughter so I guess he’s trying to set a good example. I just don’t think I want to hear that coming from Floyd Mayweather, but he does have a point. That goes for men too. How you dress is how the world will receive you. If you want to sag your pants, and what not, then that’s how the world is going to receive you. If you have on a suit and tie, it’s a whole different reception. For girls, if you dress slutty, be expected to be treated like a thot.”

I’m just not a fan of this way of thinking. At the end of the day, while we might not be fond of what everyone puts on their body, unless a person comes up to you and addresses you with little to no respect, we need to respect everyone. If you walk up to me dressed in next to nothing but you’re polite, why would I treat you disrespectfully? If someone is dressed scantily clad while walking down the street, that doesn’t give men the right to try and grab you (I’ve seen this happen way too many times) or harass you. And let’s be honest — simple maxi dresses that cover your body but hug your curves can still get you ogled and treated disrespectfully by folks with no sense. So to Mr. Mayweather and his deep thoughts, I’ll have to say thanks, but no thanks.

But what do you think?



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