You Said You Want A Thug, Don’t Be Scared Now: Felon Jeremy Meeks Has The Ladies Going Crazy

June 20, 2014  |  

Surely you saw this beautiful picture circulating around the internet yesterday. It was all over digital and broadcast news…just about everywhere. But in case you missed it,  here’s the background. The Stockton Police Department didn’t know the type of floodgates they were going to open when they posted this picture of recently arrested Jeremy Meeks. And I’m talking about the floodgates in our pants.

Meeks, a convicted felon, was arrested on felony weapon charges, along with four other men after a recent crime surge in Stockton, California, including shootings and robberies. While police posted the picture as a way to inform the community of their great police work, that was the last thing on the minds of women who ogled over the picture, liking it almost 30,000 times and leaving almost 9,000 comments when I last checked.

There are tons but one of the funniest ones went something like:

“I am raising his bail money and pray to God for his release. I already have 700 women taking a bus to  Stockton with signs: FREE MY BABY’S DADDY!!! ROTFLMAO” 

and the bit more raunchy from Twitter

“Wow he can add another teardrop to his face after he murders dis pu$$y.” 

There were literally tears coming to my eyes as I typed that.

But for real Jeremy is one fine man. Most of us can celebrate that fact, without thinking about much else. But others were either shocked at such a strong reaction or were trying to discourage women from lusting over a felon, talking about “don’t fawn over criminal trash…Have some respect.” Gurl, boo. No human being is trash and even if he was, we just want to think about…you know doing thangs with him…in that tight, hot prison cell.

Can we just share in this moment of lustful sisterhood? I find it very unifying, even if some of us are taking things to the extreme.

I mean people were photoshopping him into Calvin Klein ads, creating fake Instagram profiles for dude and one woman created a Facebook fan page.

If you’re really ride or die and want to be a part of the caravan to meet Jeremy, be sure to bring $90,000 in bail money. He’ll be arraigned on Friday afternoon.

Oh, you might also want to prepare yourself to fight his wife off. (I kid, of course. Some of y’all have no act right.) Plus he has a son.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news ladies, but in an interview with, Meeks said, “I just visited my wife and she said I like blew up all over Facebook. “

And then he said of all the attention he’s receiving, “Well I appreciate that but I just want them to know that this is really not me. I’m not some kingpin.” 

Meeks said that despite his past, he is no longer a gangster and has been on the path to turn his life around.

I could honestly care less. I know a piece of masterful artwork when I see it, sometimes you just don’t need a backstory.


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