“I Didn’t Know Juicy J Was In Jagged Edge:” 15 Odd Celebrity Lookalikes

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Samuel L. Jackson isn’t the only one to suffer from a case of mistaken celebrity identity. These celebs have been mistaken for everyone from Arsenio Hall to Thelma from Good Times. Can you see the resemblance? Or are all of these cases of shots fired?

Porsha and Arsenio

When Porsha’s Dish Nation co-host asked her if she’d ever been mistaken for another Real Housewives of Atlanta star, she said no…but she had been mistaken for another celebrity: Arsenio Hall.

“They are specifically talking about when he was in coming to America and he was dressed up as a woman.”

And then this photo hit Instagram. Do you see the similarity? Porsha says she does:

“I am like half way pissed when I see it but then I’m like it’s kind of true,” she joked.

Porsha and Thelma from Good Times

We’re glad that Porsha Williams has a good sense of humor about celebrity comparisons, because this photo has been floating around Twitter. Maybe they’ll keep Porsha in mind for the remake.

Juicy J and Wingo from Jagged Edge

Black Twitter has a million jokes. And it’s hard to deny this one.

Jared Leto and Taylor Shilling

“Who does she remind me of?” is a fun game to play with new Hollywood Stars. And this bizarre match up started making the rounds right after “Orange Is The New Black” first aired. We can sort of see it around the eyes…

Solange and Orlando Jones

When Orlando heard the running joke about him and Solange being look alikes, he told The Urban Daily:

“Solange Knowles is so beautiful it actual hurts my heart when I hear that..for her. Because she’s beautiful.

It’s just one of those weird things and people jumped on it and I feel bad for her. It kills me every time I hear it so I cannot support this. I love that chick too much.”

Tyler the Creator and Wood Harris

Ever since Tyler the Creator rapped about looking like Wood Harris on Goblin, we can’t stop seeing the resemblance.

Aubrey O’Day and Mel B

When Aubrey O’Day went a little heavy with the spray tanner, this picture starting making the Twitter rounds. Are these celebrity sisters from another mister or just two celebrities who rock the same shade of Mac?

Tae Heckard and Nicki Minaj

Apparently, the right weave can get you mistaken for celebrity sisters too. Tae Heckard gets compared to Nicki Minaj so often that she posted this pic to Instagram with a note:

“Addressing it since yall always asking me. i dont feel like we look alike. Different shaped noses, different shaped face, different chins, space between nose and lips different, different cheeks and different lips…

What we have are similar facial expressions. Nicki Minaj is fine as [bleep] but every slanted eyed woman don’t look alike or twins.#sshheeessshhhh”

Jennifer Lopez, Naya Rivera and Kim Kardashian

Sing, act or star in a sex tape with honey colored hair and a tailored look and get ready to be confused with one of those three. They aught to take a note from Samuel L. Jackson’s book and start a girl group called We Don’t All Look Alike.

Rick Ross and James Harden

The beard life isn’t all moisturizer and edge ups. Sometimes it’s endless celebrity look alike jokes. This rapper and NBA star are always finding themselves in celebrity mashups that seem more giggle-worthy than real.

Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus

These two have both rocked gender-ambiguous haircuts at some point in their careers making this mashup almost inevitable.

Joseline and Prince

At first we thought this look-alike pairing between Love and Hip Hop’s favorite bad girl and 00s era Prince was just a little bit of internet shade. But we’re having a lot of trouble pretending we don’t see the similarities in these snapshots.

OJ Simpson and Tracy Morgan

We don’t know how far you have to keep your head in the sand to not know the difference between sports’ most notorious murderer and comedy’s most recent car accident victim, but NBC Philadelphia’s news anchors probably do.

Kenya Moore and Beyonce

Kenya Moore may be the only celebrity to start her look-alike rumor herself. And this famous “Real Housewives of Atlanta” quote rubbed everyone in the Bey Hive the wrong way. Could you understand this kind of mistake?

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