Call Up Nev! Signs You’re Being Catfished

June 23, 2014  |  
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Online dating has become the way of the world, but before you decide to get seriously involved with someone you’ve “met” on the Internet, you might want to know for sure that the person is really who they say they are. Most times that’s easier said than done, but here are a few surefire signs you’re being catfished and might want to move on to a new e-suitor.

You’ve never video-chatted

Almost all computers nowadays come with built-in webcams, so if your love interest isn’t interested in webcamming or claims to not have a webcam, this is a tell-tale sign ol’ boy (or girl) is hiding something.

You’ve never talked on the phone

Someone who refuses to talk on the phone is definitely hiding something. In the case of being catfished, it’s likely that he’s either lying about his age or his gender.

Meet-ups are always canceled

Plans sometimes don’t work out as initially thought, but if this man has cancelled every single time you two have planned to meet up, something is off. Not meeting in person is big sign that he’s lying about who he really is physically.

He has no Facebook profile

Almost everyone in the world has a Facebook profile, so if you’ve come across a man who doesn’t, it’s probably time to do some investigating about the person you think you’ve come to know.

…Or he has minimal Facebook friends

If your love interest does have a Facebook but has minimal friends, question why. Having minimal friends with no one tagged in pictures is a big sign that this isn’t a regular account, but on that might’ve been set up for the sole purpose of scheming unsuspecting lovers.

Professional pictures

Dating a professional model or a professional athlete would be amazing, but if this man only has professional pictures and nothing more, he probably stole them. A search on Google Images could easily confirm this suspicion.

…Or he has very few pictures at all

Another sign that you’re being catfished is when this person only has a few pictures, and the pictures he does send are a bit sketchy. When you ask him to send you a random selfie after you send one to him, it becomes a huge issue that inevitably ends in a “N-O” with some lame excuse.

You’ve caught him lying

Catfishing is all about deception, and keeping up with every little lie is a tough task, as most people tend to get tangled in their own web. If you’ve caught this man in a few lies before, don’t just write them off, even if he has seemingly reasonable explanations.

Personal details are vague

After talking to someone for awhile, you should know a considerable amount of information about them, but if you’re being catfished, it’s likely that you know very little about this person, like what they do for a living, the general vicinity of where they live, their hometown, etc.

There is little mention of a social life

Aside from not having a lot of friends on Facebook, a catfish is unlikely to make mention of his friends or any type of social life, which is probably due to the fact that he doesn’t have a life outside of the Internet.

Personal info doesn’t add up

Has this man told you that he’s going to Harvard and is currently working as a lawyer, yet he is still living at home at the age of 30? When personal information doesn’t add up, it’s a likely sign that he’s making up his story.

He asks for favors/loans

Someone who is a catfish has no shame in asking you for a favor or for a loan. If this man has asked to borrow money from you without ever meeting, it’s likely that he’s just getting what he wants all while leading you on.

Your friends are skeptical

You know that something is up with the situation when even your friends are skeptical about this man. When your friends think something is weird about the situation, they tend to be right, as they’re looking at it from the outside with very little bias.

Over-the-top promises

Someone who is a catfish will say whatever he can in order to lure you in and to make his life seem more interesting than it really is. If this guy talks about how he’s going to fly you all over the world when you meet or how he’s in a different country every other week, he’s probably sitting right in front of his computer watching the message alerts go by.

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