Don’t Rent Your Home or Smoke! 15 Surprising Things That Can Ruin A Marriage

June 26, 2014  |  
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Could the ship be going down without you knowing it? Here are a few surprising habits that can ruin a marriage.

Letting Him Do the Chores

When men do “feminine” chores around the house, like dishes and dusting, they have sex with their partners 1.5 times less a week. When men stick to masculine chores, they have more frequent and better sex with their partners. Go figure.

Feeding Your Family Junk

Fast food could be stressing your family out. Fried chicken, burgers and fries are high in saturated fat which raises stress hormones.

Those take out orders could be causing you and your spouse to argue more frequently and for longer periods of time.

Not Smiling Enough

A 2009 study at DePauw University found that woman with “low intensity” smiles in their high school and college photos were five times more likely to get divorced than women with big, bright smiles. Turns out, the bigger you smile, the more positive your outlook on life. And the more positive your outlook on life, the longer your marriage will last.

The good news is that you can fake it ’til you make it. Facial expressions effect your emotions. Making a habit of smiling big and often can change your outlook on life and uplift your relationship.

You Work In Different Directions

It’s crazy but true. A study at the Chinese University of Hong Kong revealed that the direction you travel every day is a metaphor for your direction in life. Travel in the same direction and you’ll share the same goals in life. Travel in different directions and you may not.

You Flirt Frequently

Did you know that women in committed relationships have commitment radar? Women who are committed to their relationships find other men less attractive once they try to flirt with them.

If you still find a man sexy once he tries to hit on you, it’s a sign that you need to do more to cement your commitment to the man you have at home (before it’s too late).

Renting Your Home

Couples who rent their homes are more likely to bail during a rocky patch in the relationship — because it’s easier to get out.

Couples who own their home often wait for the ideal economic climate to think about selling. And while they wait, they often patch up the rift in the relationship and stay together.

Styling and Profiling

Couples who are obsessed with shopping, labels and keeping up appearances score ten to fifteen percent lower on marriage stability scales than couples who say that money isn’t important to them.

Image conscious couples are more likely to fight about money and less likely to be in tune to what their better half is feeling. Change your priorities and you could save your marriage.

Hanging Out With Singles

If everyone in your social circle is single or divorced, you could be headed in that direction too. Birds of a feather really do flock together. Studies show that people with divorced friends are 147% more likely to turn to their husbands and say “maybe we should get divorced too.”


If one of you lights up but the other doesn’t, chances are one of you will get sick of the habit and bounce.

Quitting won’t just save your life, it could save your marriage. Divorce rates are 76 to 95 percent higher when only one spouse smokes.


The word “Facebook” is found in over one-third of divorce filings. Couples frequently use Facebook to cheat emotionally, reach out to old flames and engage in other behavior that their spouse wouldn’t approve of.

Still need your social media fix? Set some Facebook ground rules that both of you are comfortable with. Once you establish who it’s OK to talk to and what you want to share, Facebook will pose less of a threat to your relationship.

Ignoring His Friends

You may not like his friends, but he loves them. Take a stand against part of your package deal and you could cause a rift in your relationship.

Try being polite instead. They don’t have to be part of your friend circle but being nice and hanging out occasionally could help cement your relationship with your spouse.

Holding Out on Sex

You’ve been arguing, work is crazy and you’re just not in the mood. The experts’ advice? Do it anyway. Marital relations improve your mood, your marriage and the chances that you’ll forget about what you were so upset about in the first place.

TV Time

Spending hours in front of the boob tube cuts down on communication, weakens your bond with your partner and can reduce the amount of sex you have by 50 percent.

Replace TV time with date night or family dinner and you could help cement your marriage.

Weight Gain

Maybe an extra 20 to 30 pounds shouldn’t affect the way your spouse feels about you, but it can.

If a workout plan can keep your marriage strong, join a gym or go out for nightly walks — and invite him along.

A Close-Knit Family

Sharing too much with your mother or sister can cause a serious rift between you and your man.

When you get married, you create a new family that should have priority over your first. If spilling the beans to your fam is getting on his nerves, hold back in order to spare your relationship.

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