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Last week we told you what boyfriend behaviors led to breakups, from wearing mandals to gambling too much. But what about guys’ relationship dealbreakers?

When it comes to relationships, gossip and lack of ambition are just a few things these eight men won’t tolerate. Read on or a list of things that cause these guys to call it quits.

1. Take Care Of Yourself
“My ex didn’t eat a proper diet for her condition (diabetes). She once collapsed while getting off a bus because of her low sugar levels. Her hands would shake for no reason, but she refused to talk to a neurologist. It was a turn off because I felt like I was a parent watching over a child. It was sad and painful to watch. I worried about her more than I enjoyed her company.” – Jason, 39.


2. Don’t Hog All Of His Time
“My biggest relationship dealbreaker is when a girl tries to take you away from your friends and family. It’s okay if you get so caught up in love with a girl that all you want to do is be around her, but if she purposefully tries to get you to spend less time with your friends and family, it’s a big no-no.” – Reed, 24


3. Embrace His Ethnicity
“I’m a second generation Mexican American (more American than Mexican). Perhaps that’s the reason my ethnicity wasn’t initially a factor in this relationship. However, it still didn’t diminish the offense I felt when she revealed how she truly felt about Mexicans. She would say ‘but you’re not like the rest of them,’ after her remarks, as if that made a difference.” – Leonardo, 62


4. Make Your Own Living
“Not having a job. This doesn’t mean someone who lost their job and is looking for a job. A major dealbreaker for me is someone who is not doing anything with her life, and is looking for a man to support her. It’s not only about money, but men feel it’s important for a woman to be doing something and working for her own hapiness — which is important for the relationship to succeed. Someone who is idle is often depressed.” – Elliott, 56


5. Keep Your Judgements To Yourself
“I cannot handle gossip and close-mindedness. Coming from a past riddled with things I cannot change, I’m understanding of people in their situations.” – Casey, 36

This article originally appeared on Bye, Bye, Bye: 7 Men Reveal Their Relationship Dealbreakers

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