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When you’re going through a breakup, sometimes you want to be sympathized with, sometimes you want some tough love, sometimes you want to be coddled, sometimes you want to be reminded there is so much more to come. These amazing breakup scenes from 15 of the greatest breakup movies do all of these things.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Remember the pseudo foursome scene? When the lovable Jason Segel’s character is in bed with the adorable Mila Kunis, trying to make more noise than his heartless ex Kristen Bell and Russell Brand on the other side of the wall? Nothing like sweet, audible revenge!


The Break-Up

There are a lot of scenes to choose from in this movie, but we can’t help but love the ending. Both people seem so at peace after all the chaos! It just reminds you that no matter how messy breakups are, with time, none of it really matters—you can feel peaceful towards your ex, accepting of what went down and better off for it.

The Holiday

First of all, any time you’re going through a breakup is a great time to take a tour throughout the world via film, and this one takes you to the romantic, picturesque British countryside! We love the scene in which Cameron Diaz is kicking her man out, and throwing all his belongings out the window. Classic.

Something New

This movie isn’t just fun and heartwarming, it gets real sometimes. We love the scene that drives adorable Sanaa Lathan and Simon Baker apart in the middle, when Baker makes an inappropriate comment that sparks an argument about office politics between black women and the white corporate world and sends Lathan fuming. It may not be breakup-related, but it’s honest.

First Wives Club

If you haven’t seen this yet, it’s a must-see for anyone going through a breakup. And when you do see it, you’ll love the scene when all the ex wives have their philanderous ex-husbands held hostage in a room (brought there presumably by mafia relations) and told exactly how they’ll be “donating” millions of their dollars to the ex wive’s new foundation for women.

Under The Tuscan Sun

It’s hard to choose from the dozens of gems of scenes in this romantic, empowering movie. But we love the scene when, after being so lonely, Diane Lane suddenly has a whole team of lovable men working on her run down home to feed beautiful food to.

Bridget Jones Diary

The story ends in a love discovered, but it’s a string of mishaps and half breakups before then. And we love the scene in the beginning when Bridget is talking badly about who will be the love of her life, behind his back, without realizing he’s standing there. We can all be awkward sometimes!

500 Days of Summer

You’ll go through some ups and downs during this movie, but in the end, the adorable Joseph Gordon-Levitt realizes he needs to stop focusing on love and focusing on himself! Usually a good message after any breakup.


This movie is just a good time, but there are some heartfelt moments in it too and one of the best might be the first moment, when heartbroken Jon Fabreau is being consoled by a friend. His friend tells him that there is nothing he can do to make his ex want him back—there are only things he can do to make her not want him back. Truth.

Lola Versus

This fun pseudo-Indie film follows heartbroken Lola, who makes just about every mistake a person can make during a breakup (sleeping with the ex, sleeping with the best friend) before a final scene that’s too perfect: the ex comes back, asks for a second chance, but Lola has grown so strong from all her mess-ups, she turns him down. What more could you want after a messy breakup?

Wet Hot American Summer

After the awkward but well meaning Michael Showalter finally lands the popular Marguerite Moreau, she tells him matter of fact she’s getting back with her cheating ex. She just explains it’s because he’s “hot.” We love that no-nonsense scene: sometimes love is cruel and makes no sense!

Waiting to Exhale

After Angela Basset’s man, who she worked for by the way, cheats on her and openly flaunts his new relationship around the office, Basset goes ahead and lights his car on fire. And we can’t necessarily say she overreacted.


This heart-wrenching movie is splattered in heartbreak of some of the most gorgeous actors on the planet. But we love the scene when Julia Roberts tells Clive Owen she’s been cheating on him for six months and he says to her, “Don’t say ‘you’re too good for me’…I am, but don’t say it. You’re making the mistake of your life.” Imagine having that sort of poise and clarity when someone tells you they’ve cheated on you!

The Social Network

If you think way back, the whole story of Facebook is spurred by a breakup! It begins with Rooney Mara dumping Jesse Eisenberg telling him simply it’s because “You’re an assh*le.” The story then becomes totally about his successes but man, she was right. Wouldn’t it be nice to just lay down the truth like that on somebody?

Brokeback Mountain

The scene in which Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Heath Ledger acknowledge that their romance won’t work out will wrench the heart of anybody—male, female, straight, gay, you name it. That famous line “I wish I knew how to quit you” is something anybody can relate to.

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